Goodbye from Jeannie Goldstein

Hi everyone, After more than 8 years as editor at Divorce Saloon, I have decided that it is time to move on. It has been a fun time and I have really learned a lot from my colleagues and readers and I will miss everyone. But duties in other areas of my life calls and […]

Divorce Food: Introducing the divorce margarita!

Divorce Food: Introducing the divorce margarita!

Filed in Divorce Food Introducing the Divorce Margarita! I’m about to share with you the story of how I came to make a divorce margarita. It just so happens that I’m alone this weekend and I was awakened at 5:30 this morning to the sound of the burglar alarm going haywire. The total petrification I […]

Single women v divorced women: Who needs more protection?

Single, never married women of a certain milieu in New York are buying up pricey real estate in Manhattan as if it is going out of style at the same time that lot of recently divorced women are having to downsize and reduce their standard of living. It is an interesting phenomenon and it begs […]

DIVORCE: Glamorized, digitalized, monetized, trivialized: Is Hollywood to blame?

UPDATED AUGUST 2014. Originally published November 20, 2010            IS HOLLYWOOD TO BLAME FOR THE GLAMORIZATION, DIGITALIZATION, MONETIZATION AND TRIVIALIZATION OF DIVORCE?     Filed in Celebrity divorce news: Is divorce glamorous? Or is it merely entertaining?  Arguably, divorce has become both glamorous and entertaining. Blame it on Tinsel Town, blame it […]

Schacter v Schacter – New York big law divorce case: A partner is spared huge alimony obligation due to wife’s badmouthing on Internet site

Lawyer to Lawyer Janice and Ira Schacter are New York divorce lawyers, ostensibly, but it is the husband who made the big bucks. Mr Schacter was is a Partner at Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft. He was making  big bucks until his estranged wife, apparently bitter about their divorce,  started posting negative comments about him on a popular but […]

The big, fat, fake divorce: 5 reasons why people get them

FIVE REASONS THAT PEOPLE GET A FAKE DIVORCE 1. Pensions like the one Continental airlines pilots divorced their spouses to to get. Read here. 2. To boost their career (true for media people and celebs who want to get higher ratings for their shows…do you think Larry King’s divorce was a ratings hoax?) 3. To […]

The Prenup Quiz

THE PRENUP QUIZ: DO YOU KNOW YOUR RIGHTS? [mlw_quizmaster quiz=4] After you finish a question, keep clicking next to the end of the quiz. The questions are in random order. The correct answer is explained in a brief explanatory paragraph after each question which is sent to you. When you are totally finished, hit “submit […]

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