Why Did Angelina Rent a Home In Malibu BEFORE She & Brad Had a Fight?

The news reports are that Angelina had secretly rented a home in Malibu weeks before the fateful fight in flight from France that infamously finished her Family with Brad. There have been all sorts of interesting bits of details that have emerged and one is that she in fact had rented a very expensive ocean-view mansion in Malibu […]

Do Blonds Have a Higher Rate of Divorce Than Brunettes?

I was reading this article and I came away wondering whether hair color could be determinant for likelihood of divorce for some women. According to the author of the article, a poll was taken of 1000 men who expressed a preference for brunettes as wives by a rate of 54 percent to 16 percent. It […]

Pregnant Keshia Knight Pulliam Gets Divorce Papers from Ed Hartwell

This is what happens when you get married without first having sex with the person…. Apparently, the former Cosby Show kid Keshia Knight Pulliam married Ed Hartwell a former NFL player who starred on the reality tv show The Real Housewives of Atlanta got married after just dating a few months. Now, seven months into […]

20 Gifts For your divorce Lawyer

20 Gifts For your divorce Lawyer

20 GIFTS FOR YOUR DIVORCE LAWYER: WHAT TO GIVE WHEN YOU ARE HAPPY WITH THE WORK THE LAWYER DID IN YOUR DIVORCE CASE   How about these gifts for your divorce lawyer: A case of wine or champagne A spa treatment Cigars an I-phone a laptop A fountain pen A watch A subscription to an […]

What is Your Divorce Intelligence Quotient?

CLICK THE “NEXT” BUTTON TO BEGIN [mlw_quizmaster quiz=7]   About this quiz: “What is your Divorce Intelligence Quotient?” is a quiz designed by Divorce Saloon to help you figure out your level of divorce intelligence or your “Divorce IQ.”   The higher your divorce intelligence, obviously the better protected you will be in a divorce situation. We […]

Ivanka Trump’s Marriage to Jared Kushner Seems Solid. But is it?

There is a palpable natural warmth between Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, her husband of less than a decade. By all accounts, this is a happy situation. As of this writing, both Ivanka and her husband Jared are heavily involved in her father’s run for the presidency of the United States. Jared is an advisor […]