Brad and Angelina are worth Half a Billion Bucks. Rumor Has it He Refused to Pay Her $100K Per Month Child Support

BRANGELINA DIVORCE UPDATES According to Forbes, together, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are worth $555,000,000. That is over half a billion dollars. It’s not a huge amount when you consider all the billionaires out there, in various industries, just casually banking cash. I mean, Brangelina is not even as rich as Donald Trump. It is a modest net […]

How Many People Are There in Melania Trump’s Marriage?

Is Melania Trump Heading For Divorce From Donald Trump? Poor Melania Trump. Since his inauguration on January 20th, the world cannot stop commenting on Donald Trump’s wife Melania. People almost universally seem to believe that she looked miserable at the inauguration and that they are not in a happy marriage. At least, this was the […]

How to Sell Your Divorce

Divorce can be a commodity which can be traded for profit. It is possible to buy or sell your divorce. How? Easy. Start a blog, for example. Or an online journal and build up an audience of loyal followers. Or it could be a YouTube diary where followers look forward to your next update with […]

Was Getting Your Divorce Papers a WTF Moment?

  Getting served with divorce papers out of the blue is without question a WTF moment. Seriously, how could you ever be prepared for it? Sure your marriage wasn’t perfect, but whose is? And what gives the person who promised they’d love you forever the right to just quit? These and a million other questions […]

10 Best Comedies About Divorce

Divorce can actually be funny – especially at the movies. Here are 10 divorce comedies you should see just to gain a little bit of perspective if you are feeling a little bit down about your own situation (of if you want some ideas for how to proceed with your own divorce): Divorce Italian Style […]

Judge Denies Brad Pitt’s Request, Citing Children’s Privacy, to Seal Divorce Documents. Pitt on Angelina “She has No Self Regulating Mechanism”

Quick: What happens when a man that lacks a “sensitivity chip” marries and divorces a woman without a “self-regulating mechanism?” Brad Pitt famously dumped wife Jennifer Aniston who accused him of lacking a “sensitivity chip” (and frankly, at the time, he did) and ran off to Africa with sexy Hollywood bombshell Angelina Jolie; and a […]