Quintessentially divorced: How to lead an enviably full, rich, happy life post-divorce

Quintessentially divorced: How to lead an enviably full, rich, happy life post-divorce

Come on get post-divorce happy! How to be quintessentially divorced and lead an enviably full, rich, happy life Some people get divorced and think of driving their SUV off a cliff or throwing themselves under a fast-moving train. Others divorce and go on to live in sybaritic splendor, in their own “rarefied bubble” where, it turns […]

Former New York Socialite and “It” Girl Tinsley Mortimer Gets Her Post-Divorce Groove Back on Real Housewives of New York

Tinsley Randolf Mortimer used to be the hottest thing at all the New York galas and parties. The pretty 41 year old blond and her sister Dabney ruled Tinsel town in a way that Paris and Nicky Hilton never could on their best day. Tinsley is as famous for her marriage to her high schools sweetheart Topper Mortimer […]

MOSCOW: Natalia Potanina, billionaire oligarch’s ex wife, fights for her 50% share of his empire

BACKGROUND Natalia Potanina’s name sounds like she is a ballerina with the Bolshoi. Or at least a top ranked tennis player. But she is not. Instead, she is the former wife of one of Russia’s richest oligarchs and close friend of Russian president Vladimir Putin – Vladimir Potanin.  Ms Potanina and her husband Vladimir were […]

ITALY: Big change in Italian Divorce laws!

Italians needing to divorce can rejoice. Finally, the country’s legislators have seen the light. They realize and accept that divorce is reality and have decided to make the process less arduous and bureaucratically challenging. What that boils down to is that whearas Italians had to wait 3 years for a divorce  to be granted, now they only […]

The Slave Wife: How to escape a “trafficked” marriage

Usually, people (usually women and children) are trafficked as sex workers and domestic aids. But not always. Human trafficking is becoming a huge global problem that has reached the institution of marriage. A lot of mail order brides and illegal immigrants right here in America (and elsewhere in the world) have found themselves chained to a spouse […]

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