What Should Happen To Brangelina’s Kids?

The following is a transcipt of an internal conversation we had about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s divorce and custody fight. Jeannie: OK Show of hands who feels sorry for Brad? Who is team Brad here and who is Team Angelina? Lawyer X: Well we know Bryan is definitely team Brad over here. Bryan: Well, […]

3 Unexpected Things Every Successful Marriage Needs

Every successful marriage needs a healthy dose of transparency, vulnerability and space in order to really flourish. Transparency is needed because it is the only way to build and preserve trust in your marriage. Where there is transparency, there is honesty and accountability. No marriage can truly flourish without that. Vulnerability is important  in your […]

Why is January Considered “Divorce Month”?

January is considered divorce month primarily because a disproportionate number of people file for divorce in January. Why is this? It is anybody’s guess. A lot of people speculate that, among other things, it is because: People just make new years resolutions to file when the new year starts People don’t want to make the […]

Divorce Honeymoon in 2017? 10 Great Locales to Consider

So you are thinking about hosting your very own divorce honeymoon. Where should you guys go? There are so many options, really. It is a question of taste and budget and Cabo San Lucas, Mexico Honolulu Hawaii Miami, Florida Las Vegas, Nevada Aspen Colorado Turks & Caicos Islands Madagascar New York City Jamaica Buenos Aires, […]

Planning to Hit Your Spouse With a Divorce Petition? Here are 15 Things to Think About

Planning to Hit Your Spouse With a Divorce Petition? Here are 15 Things to Think About

PLANNING TO SERVE YOUR SPOUSE WITH A DIVORCE PETITION? Before you serve a divorce petition on your spouse, you ought to consider the following: Your frame of mind Your tax situation Life Insurance policies Health insurance polices IRAs & 401Ks and Stocks/bonds Domestic Relations Orders (if applicable) Your Social media presence & profile Finding the […]

Tweeting About Your Divorce Can Be the Best Medicine

Tweeting About Your Divorce Can Be the Best Medicine

TWEETING ABOUT YOUR DIVORCE   Should you be tweeting about your divorce? The conventional wisdom is that you should not use social media to discuss something so private as your divorce – that kind of indiscretion should be left to Kim Kardashian and her ilk. But what if this is the exact thing that will […]

Divorce Trends 2017

Divorce is still a hot topic around the world since we started this blog back in 2006. What are the new trends over the last decade? Divorce Rate: In many places, we have noticed that the divorce rates have gond down. This could be due to a number of factors including that fact that marriage […]

Divorce, Life Insurance & Estate Tax

Sometimes, as part of the divorce settlement, a party is ordered to obtain life insurance. This could be to protect a spouse who is receiving alimony payments when there are minor children involved, for example but there are other circumstances that could push a judge to order a party to obtain and maintain a life […]

Can a Divorce Case Be Dismissed by the Court?

I would imagine that court could dismiss a divorce case for a number of reasons. In fact, I know that it can. For example If the court does not have jurisdiction based on the residency requirement of the parties, it would have to dismiss the case on jurisdictional grounds. If the petitioner changes his or […]