Cheer up the Kids (post-divorce) with Marie Antoinette Cookies

Hey, sometimes good parenting for children going through their parents divorce is all about baking cookies. Victoria Magazine’s newest issue has these amazing Marie Antoinette cookies which were created by a chef in New York. How about them for the kids this weekend? Divorce is a sad time for children but maybe you can do […]

How to un-divorce

Apparently, un-divorcing is a new trend. I had no idea. In 2009, I wrote the in reference to Billy Joel who, at the time was divorcing his young, beautiful wife. I am not sure that I had heard the word before that but now, it seems to be a trend. There are myriad reasons […]

I Will Never Get Married Again!

Sure, this is how you feel right now, fresh out of divorce court after a blistering two years of back and forth between attorneys, you and your spouse. You have been burned big time. And it is not just the process of divorce. It could have also been the marriage itself. Marriage can be hard […]

Guest articles invited – 2017 – 2020

Are you a writer or blogger whose subject matter is divorce? We invite you to submit articles on the topic of divorce. Any topic related to divorce is welcomed. We reserve the right to publish or not according to our own discretion. Unfortunately, we cannot pay for articles. So when you submit please be aware […]

Stuck in a marriage with Someone Who Needs Professional Help?

Is your spouse or partner crazy? But do they refuse to get help? It could be anything from severe depression, manic/depressive behavior, substance abuse, serial cheating, lying, manipulation, or other types of anti-social, or even psychotic behavior that has been left unattended by medical professionals. Relationship problems strikes every couple at some point but there […]

Avoid these 5 People in the First 6 Months After Your Divorce

Divorce is like lotto in  a way. It brings people out of the woodwork that you didn’t even know existed. It’s like misery loves company and they all want to commiserate and give you unsolicited advice. But some of these people can just take your slightly cracked life and just smash it to smithereens if you are not […]

Should a Parent lose Custody for Spanking their Child?

Should a Parent lose Custody for Spanking their Child?

SHOULD A PARENT LOSE CUSTODY FOR SPANKING THEIR CHILD? Should a parent lose custody for spanking their child? This is definitely a controversial issue with differing opinions from just about every corner of society. It really seems that no matter the social group, you can find people on both sides of this issue. For most, […]

Buy a Home With Character After Your Divorce

Buy a Home With Character After Your Divorce

BUY A HOME WITH CHARACTER AFTER DIVORCE   It is always a challenge to find a home with character. After a divorce, it is imperative to start over in the right home so that you don’t add depression to depression to even more depression. One key consideration is finding a home with character. What is […]

Jaden Smith: We Love You

I just saw this Instagram video by Jaden Smith and it made me smile because he is obviously feeling all this angst and he is just a boy and life will get better and make a little bit more sense but he has to get past this period and he will. He just has to […]

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