Want to Save Your Marriage? Repeat this phrase: “It’s My Fault that My Marriage is not Meeting My Expectations”

That’s right. Don’t blame your spouse for the implosion of your marriage. Look at yourself and all your unrealistic expectations. How did you contribute to this marital meltdown without meaning to? So many possible ways. For example you did it by: Being judgmental Not listening Wanting everything to be your way or the highway Being […]

4 Reasons that your partner has stopped communicating with you (and why divorce is imminent)

The way a couple communicates will determine whether their marriage will last or not. There are 4 key indicators of healthy communication between partners – and conversely, 4 key indicators of unhealthy communication. The healthy communication obviously will lead to more successful marriages and the unhealthy communication necessarily will lead to unsuccessful marriages. Here are […]

Being Single May Be Exactly What Your Married Self Needs Right Now

So you are married and miserable. You are thinking about divorce but the thought of being “single” sounds like contracting a dreaded disease. Surely being in an unhealthy, unhappy, unfulfilling marriage is better than being single and all by yourself with nobody to be miserable with. Right? It depends. For some people, being single just […]

The One Lesson I Learned From Brad and Angelina

Brad and Angelina can teach us a lot of things but one of the key lessons, I think, is that too much change, upheaval and movement in a relationship is unsustainable. It is bad enough to have a partner who travels constantly for work. In Brangelina’s case they had enough resources that they tried to […]