Is Your Pregnancy Ruining Your Sex Life to the Point that You Fear Divorce Could Happen?

Is your pregnancy destroying your marriage? Some guys can’t get intimate with their pregnant wives no matter what she does. She could try sexy lingerie, new acrobatic positions and scented candles but the thought that a life is growing inside her stomach and that it is actually kicking and moving, can literally render a husband […]

Does Chrissy Teigen Have Post Partum Depression After Baby Luna? And is her marriage to John Legend in Jeopardy?

Post Partum Depression & Divorce: Sometimes having children can burden a new marriage. Just ask John Legend and Chrissy Teigen New parents can sometimes find themselves enmeshed in marital difficulties due to the stress brought on by having this new person in their relationship. Our Divorce Saloon opinion editor Kate Nguyen wrote about this very […]

Step Kids Ruining Marriage. HELP!

Step Kids Ruining Marriage. HELP!

(# Step Kids Ruining Marriage) What can you do when your stepkids are trying to destroy your marriage? In this post I will discuss (# Step Kids Ruining Marriage) the issue of the evil step kids. It happens. Sometimes, the step kids are just evil. There is no other way to put it. They are […]