Lawyer Anthony Zappin fired from Mintz Levin Law Firm After NY Appellate Court Upheld Sanctions for Misconduct in his Divorce Action

Anthony Zappin is a lawyer who worked for a big firm Mintz Levin in New York. When he was embroiled in a divorce action, Mr Levin is accused of misusing and abusing his superior position as a Columbia University of Law graduate to bully and intimidate others, and to lie about one of the judges […]

A Sick Man: Ohio Divorce Lawyer Michael Fine Gets 12 Years in Prison for Hypnotising Clients in his Sheffield Office

Michael Fine had a penchant for giving his female clients hypnotised pleasure in his law office and one of the clients who suspected she had been hypnotised when she awoke to find her clothing dishevelled, alerted police and a video sting was arranged and they caught him flagrante delicto. According to the New York Post, […]

Sanctions From a Divorce judge in a Divorce Case are Pretty Common

Divorce Sanctions It doesn’t happen everyday but it does happen that divorce judges sanction divorcing parties or their attorney’s in a divorce action. It usually is in response to some type of outrageous and/or repeatedly offensive behavior. The judge usually gives warnings before sanctions are imposed so there is some type of repetitious behavior that […]

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