Why Did the Judge Order That Prince’s Divorce Records Be Unsealed?

Grammy winning artist Prince died at age 57 from a drug overdose on April 21 2016 – ten years after his divorce from second wife Manuela Testolini. In August, the judge ruled that the parties’ 2006 SEALED divorce file would be made available for public consumption. According to the Star Tribune, in explaining his decision to unseal […]

NEW YORK divorce: Skin Care Mogul Peter Thomas Roth and Wife Noreen Roth in a Boxing Match Over $500K Diamond

Peter Thomas Roth and Noreen Roth Manhattan Divorce heats up over $500K Diamond Earrings Belong to His Mother: The Roths are getting divorced, says the NY Post. The multimillionaire couple own a successful skin care business in Manhattan and an impressive town house on the Upper East Side. They are said to be embroiled in a […]

Scarlett Johansson and Romain Dauriac split!

Actress Scarlett Johansson is divorced for a second time in a row from her french journalist husband Romain Dauriac. Her first husband Ryan Reynolds is happily and blissfully wed to Blake Lively and now, once again, Scarlett is single and on the market. Maybe that is exactly what she needs to evaluate why she keeps […]

The terms “gay marriage” and “gay divorce” should be prohibited

I am one of those people who think that if you are American you are American. There shouldn’t be a need to qualify that. For example “African American” or “Asian American” or “Hispanic American.” I find these terms mildly off putting. You don’t, for example, hear people refer to themselves as “European American.” or even […]