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Divorce Saloon International, Inc. (“DSI”) is a global divorce company. Our growing network includes a divorce blog, a newspaper, a dating site, a divorce store, an attorney directory, and numerous divorce resources.

Divorce Saloon is a niche company dedicated exclusively to the subject of divorce. The goal is to be a 24/7 divorce news, information and law blog and a hub for the international divorce community. This company began initially as a divorce blog which was curated in 2006 by Marion TD Lewis, a former New York  City divorce attorney as a purely local attorney blog. The company has evolved from a purely local attorney blog to a bonafide platform for the global divorce community – including divorce attorneys, divorce experts and individuals getting divorced, and of course, the growing demographic of divorce people who want to get on with their lives. In 2017, Divorce Saloon adopted the tagline “a Brand new life, a Brand new me” in recognition of this latter group of people who want to continue their best lives post divorce.

At  Divorce Saloon our goal for this divorce blog is to bring together people who are getting divorced or have gotten divorced, leading family and matrimonial law attorneys, solicitors, barristers and avocats, as well as divorce experts – including coaches, financial planners, appraisers and private detectives – from around the world. We provide legal news reports as well as newsworthy pop culture stories (and some celebrity divorce gossip) pertaining to divorce.

We delve into divorce and matrimonial cases from around the world, create and distribute divorce resources for legal professionals as well as lay people, and most importantly, via our global directory, act as a portal for divorce professionals who wish to bring their services and products to an international clientele. At Divorce Saloon we pride ourselves on looking for  the silver lining success stories when the dust settles on divorce.


Founder : Marion TD Lewis

Divorce Saloon – the divorce blog – was founded by Antiguan-American businesswoman Marion TD Lewis in 2006. Based in Paris, France, Ms Lewis is a New York State licensed attorney who also attained an LL.M in International and Comparative Law in Texas. Ms Lewis is admitted to practice law both in New York State and Georgia. Ms Lewis wears many hats and acts as Editor in Chief, Creative director, International correspondent and Media Director for the website.

She also is the curator of the world’s first online Divorce Museum which can be accessed at this link.

Ms Lewis is interested in using law and language to improve the lives of others. She  is founder of English Language Global a consulting company that works with lawyers and business professionals in the international community to improve their English proficiency.

Ms Lewis also completed two years towards a PhD in international relations at an American school in Paris.


Listen as Ms Lewis discusses her vision and goals for the company:


Digital Communications Director: Claudia Elias

Editor in Chief: Marion TD Lewis

Contributing Editors:

  • Jeannie Goldstein
  • Genevieve Smith
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  • Brenda Monteau
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