NEVADA: Freshly divorced Nevada Governor Jim Gibbons fires his campaign manager for calling ex wife Dawn “window dressing”

What a stand up guy he is, Mr. Governor Jim Gibbons of Nevada. First he compares his wife to an “angry ferret” earlier in their divorce proceedings, and then he fires his long time campaign aide for saying that “First Ladies are largely just window dressing, just showing up for public events so it’s no […]

LOS ANGELES: Danny Pang did not divorce his wife Janie Louise Pang. She was accidentally murdered by a smartly dressed businessman

Danny Pang is under investigation for running a ponzi scheme but he did not divorce his beautiful wife, Janie Louise Pang. She was in fact murdered accidentally by a smartly dressed businessman with a briefcase a few years back who came to her front door, chased her through her elegant home, and shot her dead […]

Pregnant Jennifer Anniston at Oscars. Is the star expecting John Mayer’s baby? Look closely at her Oscar dress!

  At the Oscars last night, Jennifer Anniston looked pregnant to me. Her breasts looked very full in her creme Valentino dress. But it was her tummy that looked unusually round. Jen has always had a very flat stomach from all that yoga she does. But look closely at the dress. Doesn’t she look pregnant? Is she and […]

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