Divorce Horoscopes Spring/Summer 2017 – DESIRE

By Kristen Weng for Divorce Saloon International Magazine: Le Saloon ARIES You desire nothing more than to obtain a strategic advantage in your divorce battle with your ex which isn’t even underway as yet. The problem is that what you are contemplating doing may be unethical at best and illegal at worse. Why not consider […]

Divorce, kids and the summer vacation

Summer is coming! What’s going to happen to the kids? Summer vacation is usually in issue in most divorce stipulations. Parents try to iron out a parenting agreement that gives the non-custodial extra time with the kids during the summer recess from school. Most agreements have the parents split the summer. But many others allot […]

Moving to the Hamptons, Long Island After Your Divorce?

Moving to the Hamptons, Long Island After Your Divorce?

ARE YOU MOVING TO THE HAMPTONS NOW THAT YOU ARE DIVORCED? For many people, moving to the “Hamptons” is a dream. An unattainable dream, but a dream nevertheless. For others, moving to the Hamptons at the drop of a hat (or after a divorce) is business as usual. They just think it and it manifests. […]

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