DIVORCE UPDATES: Raj Rajaratnam, Warren Buffet, Rajat Gupta, Goldman Sachs, SEC

DIVORCE UPDATES – RAJ, RAJAT, WARREN, GOLDMAN, SEC: Well, so far, Raj Rajaratnam is NOT getting divorced from Asha Pabla. That marriage is intact even though the government’s probe of Raj’s insider trading case is widening to include Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway (Warren is still happily married to Astrid, btw), Goldman Sachs and Goldman director […]

NEW YORK: Barclays and Bank of America threaten to divorce Raj Rajaratnam

Everybody is talking trash about Raj Rajaratnam, including his former paramours Barclays Bank and Bank of America. The Guardian.co.uk did a report yesterday, suggesting that these banking giants are planning to divorce their former wonder boy.  The speed and scope of redemptions has left Galleon’s traders hurrying to liquidate investments. Many of them are said […]

NEW YORK: The Martha Stewart/Kmart divorce comes on the heel of Danielle Chiesi’s arrest for insider trading alongside Raj Rajaratnam

Martha and Martha Stewart Omnimedia and Kmart have parted ways. The threesome had, what I guess you can call, a divorce. Martha put out a press release basically waxing poetic about the relationship the three had and that it was “productive” and that she wished them well post-breakup. Some speculate that Martha Stewart Omnimedia “cheated” […]

NEW YORK: Raj Rajaratnam’s wife Asha Pabla must be wondering if October is a good month to file for divorce

http://www.flickr.com/photos/the-o/ / CC BY 2.0 Yet another billionaire on Wall Street hits the skids. This time it is Sri Lankan American hedge fund manager extraordinaire, Raj Rajaratnam. Breaking news today is that Raj has been arrested and charged with insider trading along with some other high profile executives at IBM and a few other notables. My big […]

On divorcing the transnational criminal: How do you find the money???

On divorcing the transnational criminal: How do you find the money???

How do you find the money when you’re divorcing the “transnational criminal?”   (# divorcing the transnational criminal) Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad tidings but typically, when you’re divorcing the transnational criminal who is hiding money? You can pretty much kiss any chance of getting any of it goodbye. But that […]

Are hedge funds the new way to finance your divorce?

How to finance your divorce Riveting article in today’s Guardian.co.uk. that leaves me wondering whether American couples going through divorce may soon fund their divorce expenses through hedge funds. You can find the article here: http://www.guardian.co.uk/business/2009/oct/16/hedge-funds-divorce-litigation-funding It is slightly dense if one is not a financial brain, but what seems to be the basic point is […]

Diary of Asha Pabla Day five: I can’t cope

Dear Diary, My husband is trying to keep his spirits up but it is a struggle. His diabetes has been behaving erratically too and we’ve had a few insulin incidents. This is hard. This morning I looked at him as he sat reading the Financial Times in his favorite chair and I felt so sorry for him, […]

INDIA: Indian School of Business (“ISB”) divorces McKinsey director Anil Kumar following arrest for insider trading in New York

Hyderabad, India The prestigious, globally well-regarded Indian School of Business’ (“ISB”) reputation has been tarnished with the recent arrest of one of its board members, Anil Kumar, who is also senior partner at McKinsey & Co. here in the United States. The charges stem from an SEC probe and is a result of “infectious greed” […]