Jaycee Dugard + Divorce and child kidnapping

Jaycee Dugard was an 11 year old California girl who was kidnapped 18 years ago at age 11 and forced to be a sex slave to a California sex offender and his wife.  (At the time her step father aka custodial parent was a suspect and this reportedly strained and destroyed his marriage to Jaycee’s mother.) […]

Sandra Boss & Clark “Rockefeller” on divorce and child kidnapping…and impersonating rich people

Christian Karl Gerhartsreiter aka Clark Rockefeller’s on trial for…. Well, whatever he’s on trial for, it is an amazing 411, isn’t it? How he fooled this Harvard grad and affluent socialite/London  based business consultant, Sandra Boss for 12 years, married her, had a pretty little daughter with her, and pretended to be Rockefeller progeny. Then once […]

Should you divorce a husband who wants to circumcize your son?

Should you divorce a husband who wants to circumcize your son?

Male circumcision is sometimes in issue among parents – especially those couples of divergent religious faiths and persuasions and this leads to serious conflict in a marriage. Indeed, in some cases it leads to divorce. A recent case in England highlights the issue where a British woman and her Turkish husband parted ways because he […]

Kelly Rutherford begs Barack Obama and White House to help her win custody back from ex Daniel Giersch

Poor Kelly Rutherford.  According to recent news reports, the American born actress has resorted to filing a petition with Whitehouse.gov to try to get federal intervention in her custody case against ex husband Daniel Giersch. You may or may not recall that Kelly lost custody of her little ones a few years back when a […]

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