LOS ANGELES: GREG NORMAN DIVORCE: FBI agent Peter Norell tried to shake down former Norman partner during divorce proceedings

GOLFER GREG NORMAN’S DIVORCE: The Associated Press is reporting that former FBI agent Peter Norell tried to bully a former partner of Greg Norman’s during Norman’s divorce proceedings. According to Golf.com: In 2006, Norell used an FBI phone to tell Takefman to “keep (his) mouth shut” and stay out of Norman’s “high-stakes (and entirely private) […]

PALM BEACH: Laura Andrassy sues ex husband Greg Norman for $72,000

According to Palm Beach Posts, Greg Lambiet’s Page 2 Live, golfer Greg Norman stiffed his exwife of $72,000 that was due on their divorce settlement agreement and she’s suing him. Greg’s ex wife Laura Andrassy was awarded about $103 million divorce settlement back in 2006. This is after they divorced on account of the fact […]

FLORIDA: Golfer Greg Norman’s divorce from Chris Evert and what is says about blended families

People.com has a great piece about some reasons the Norman/Evert marriage may have imploded. For starters, there is some suggestion that Chris Evert may have been having a “midlife crisis.” Says the People article: “Chris had a midlife crisis and came out of it totally turned on by Greg’s celebrity, gorgeous looks and bank account,” […]

FLORIDA: What will golf pro Greg Norman have to pay wife Chris Evert for a divorce? He paid ex wife Laura Andrassy $103M!

The question now becomes, what would Evert be entitled to? The marriage didn’t even last 2 years. (Slightly embarrassing, eh?) So how much of his networth reasonably accrued during the marriage? Because that is the standard, obviously. It’s not that he’s wealthier, so therefore he pays her through the nose the way he paid Andrassy.

Want to heal from your divorce? Go to Aspen like Chris Evert!

Want to heal from your divorce? Go to Aspen like Chris Evert!

  Well, last time Brooke and Charlie Sheen were in Aspen, it wasn’t a very restful time. They both ended up in a legal brouhaha and allegations of alcohol and drug use and domestic violence reverberated through the international press. Not quite the same experience for celeb tennis star Chris Evert. People Magazine is reporting […]

FLORIDA: Did Tiger and Elin have a prenup?

FLORIDA: DID TIGER AND ELIN HAVE A PRENUP? Elin  may not be worth much on her own, but her husband Tiger Woods’ networth is pretty robust, according to Forbes. He made the list of 20 Wealthiest Black Americans this year, and has a networth of at least $600 million but rumor has it that Tiger […]

SWITZERLAND: Opera Star Roberto Alagna likes having a House of his own, pre-divorce

Romanian born mezzo soprano Angela Gheorghiu has filed for divorce from her  husband, French Sicilian tenor Roberto Alagna. The opera diva and her hubby have both acknowledged that they have been separated for the past two years even though they have continued to perform together as recently as 2008. However, in August this year, Ms. Gheorghiu, according […]

When Athletes Get Divorced: Sports Stars’ Splits are Pricey

When Athletes Get Divorced: Sports Stars’ Splits are Pricey

WHEN ATHLETES GET DIVORCED When Professional Athletes Get Divorced, Most People Aren’t Surprised but these splits are expensive When athletes get divorced, it’s almost as if nobody is surprised unless its a question of “how did they stay married that long in the first place?” Apparently, athletes are divorce prone. Most of them don’t stay […]