NEVADA: Governor Jim Gibbons’ divorce may have cost him re-election – he’s beaten by Judge Brian Sandoval

It’s game over for Governor Jim Gibbons of Nevada. Did Governor Jim Gibbons’ acrimonious divorce cost him the re-election to the governor’s mansion? Many think so. The Governor lost his bid in a campaign that saw him trailing in the polls to former judge Brian Sandoval. The Associated Press cites his messy divorce and his […]

NEVADA: Freshly divorced Nevada Governor Jim Gibbons fires his campaign manager for calling ex wife Dawn “window dressing”

What a stand up guy he is, Mr. Governor Jim Gibbons of Nevada. First he compares his wife to an “angry ferret” earlier in their divorce proceedings, and then he fires his long time campaign aide for saying that “First Ladies are largely just window dressing, just showing up for public events so it’s no […]

LAS VEGAS: Governor Jim Gibbons (texting maestro) and wife Dawn to take their divorce action to trial

The Washington Examiner is reporting that Governor Jim Gibbons and his wife Dawn could not reach a settlement and so their trial has been set for December 28,2009. This should make for some interesting headlines. If you have forgotten what their divorce backstory is, please read these posts:

Las Vegas: Governor Gibbons Divorce Update

Nevada Governor Jim Gibbons was quoted as saying this about his wife Dawn Gibbons: “It was once said in another context that being in close quarters with such a volatile person was like being locked in a phone booth with an enraged ferret.” Dang. Why is it that when people fall out of love it […]

WASHINGTON: Would tax reform, including a larger tax deduction for children of married parents stem the divorce rate in America?

An article I was reading from American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research (“AEI“) suggested that tax reform policies that are “pro family” (such as a larger dependent deduction) might just be what the GOP needs to promise voters in order to take the White House back from Barack Obama. Might it also be what […]

LONDON: divorced fashion designer Alexander McQueen found dead

Reports have been circulating that fashion designer Alexander McQueen has committed suicide. Mr. McQueen had been married to, and divorced from his long time boyfriend George Forsyth.  The two married in 2000 and divorce sometime around 2007 in Ibiza according to reports. Alexander was very blunt and open about his thoughts, lifestyle and fashion sense […]

Should divorce trials like Countess Marie and CEO George David’s be kept closed from the public’s earshot?

If you read this article from the Wall Street Journal, you will find an interesting SB124346788310360439.html  argument being proffered: DIVORCES SHOULD NOT BE MADE PUBLIC. The author, Dionne Searcey uses the Countess and the Ceo’s divorce (and a few others like Nevada Governor Gibbons) and all their tawdry revelations to illustrate the point that allowing the […]