How Does the Judge Determine Exactly How Much Property Each Party in a Divorce Action Will Get? And is it taxable?

How do judges make “property” awards in divorce action? What criteria do they use? Well, it depends on where the parties are getting divorced. If it is in a community property state, the court or judge will normally split the property in two equal parts with fifty percent going to one spouse and fifty percent […]

Why Do Cheaters Cheat? Is it a Fear of Total Commitment?

HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED WHY DO CHEATERS CHEAT? “Oh, don’t be silly darling, we are just friends!” Kebab Smokelet It seems we are living in a world where there is a culture of cheating that is increasingly accepted by the masses. Cheaters today are bolder, more shameless, and are increasingly gender neutral. That means both […]

What Factors Does the Court Consider in Awarding Alimony?

“The factors the court considers in awarding Alimony differs from state to state. For example, in Alabama, the state may consider whether a party cheated in determining alimony. But in Alaska the court may not be so inclined to consider that. It really depends. But most states’ statutes are pretty similar in terms of alimony […]

Why are women so greedy in divorce disputes?

Are women greedy about the money in divorce actions? Well put it this way: in divorce actions both party are looking out for their Financial interests. It is war and if they have to fight dirty, they do because neither party wants to be left with “less.” The thing that works against women is that usually the husband makes most of the money in the marriage

5 tips for father’s who want to win custody of their children after a divorce

5 tips for father’s who want to win custody of their children after a divorce

CUSTODY TIPS FOR DADS FATHER’S RIGHTS: Father’s rights law firms and groups have become increasingly visible, vocal and vociferous in their quest to gain respect for dads who are enmeshed in a divorce battle with their ex wife for custody of the children. More and more lawyers are identifying themselves a “father’s rights specialists” and they are helping […]

USA: Why are more and more men suing for alimony?

 In January, the Pew Research Center did a study called, “The New Economics of marriage – the Rise of Wives” and that single study might explain why more men are suing for alimony these days. It seems a larger share of women than in, say, 1970, are marrying down. What that means is that more […]

The Divorcée & Her Red Mini Cooper

The Divorcée & Her Red Mini Cooper

the Divorcée’s red Mini Cooper   The Red Mini Cooper rap is based on this post The Divorcée & Her Red Mini Cooper Written by Monique, both are ready to take the world by storm. Pic courtesy of   Red MINI COOPER Me and my red mini cooper Cruising down Rodeo Drive I never felt quite […]

The Truth About Prenups – by Nick Nichols (guest)

THE TRUTH ABOUT PRENUPS   Somewhere in Portugal, Johnny Depp may have thought about prenups this weekend. How different would things be if he had one now? A lot.   There is surprise that there isn’t a prenup in this instance. But the truth about prenups reveals how problematic they can be.   Depp fits […]