6 Fun Divorce Party Ideas

6 Fun Divorce Party Ideas

    SIX FUN DIVORCE PARTY IDEAS So, you are recently divorced and looking divorce party ideas? Well, there are many ways to celebrate or commemorate your divorce, including having a blow out divorce party. But where should you go and how should you celebrate this momentous event? How about the divorce party ideas below: […]

How to Throw a Fashionable Divorce Party Befitting Vogue

How to Throw a Fashionable Divorce Party Befitting Vogue

Celebrate the end of your marriage with style: Divorce Party ideas High fashion! Sexy Clothes! Great Cocktails! Black & White! Skinny, Sophisticated, rich friends Cute, cuddly animals! Moderne rooftop locale!   These are some ideas for the things you need to throw a fashionable divorce party. It helps if your friends are all in the […]

PLAY: Divorce party planning for “conscious uncouplers” like Gwyneth and Chris is big business

PLAY: Divorce party planning  for “conscious uncouplers” like Gwyneth and Chris is big business

International Divorce News On Celebrating Divorce… The Independent, a UK paper has written an article about divorce parties and how they are so commonplace these days. This is not exactly a new topic for Divorce Saloon. We have been waxing poetic about divorce parties and divorce celebrations long before there was even something called Huffpost […]

How to throw a divorce party……like those Brits

HOW TO THROW A DIVORCE PARTY British people are major trend-setters. They are the ones who started throwing divorce parties and having divorce fairs and stuff like that and now everybody is doing it. From what I hear, they are still the masters and mistresses of the ultimate divorce party. So we begun to wonder […]

When is Tyra Banks’ Divorce Party?

According to Page Six of the New York Post (where would I be without Page Six?) Tyra Banks is throwing a divorce party on her set this week. It may be tomorrow, Tuesday February 10, 2009. The purpose is to, I guess, lift the spirits of recent divorcees. I am all for that. I just […]

How Does the Judge Determine Exactly How Much Property Each Party in a Divorce Action Will Get? And is it taxable?

How do judges make “property” awards in divorce action? What criteria do they use? Well, it depends on where the parties are getting divorced. If it is in a community property state, the court or judge will normally split the property in two equal parts with fifty percent going to one spouse and fifty percent […]

FRANCE: Divorced mother of two, Marine Le Pen, to head party her “anti-semite” father started

If you had any doubts that you can achieve “great” things after divorce, listen to this story out of France, brought to you by the Associated Press: Associated Press reports that Marine Le Pen is slated to replace her father as head of the “far right” “outsider” party in France: A divorced mother of three, […]

Laurie David (inventer of the “divorce brownie”) throws book party

Laurie David recently had a book party in Pacific Palisades, to celebrate the publication of her book Family Dinners. She served, among other things, her infamous “divorce brownies.” Read more. Check out our post about Laurie’s recipe: http://www.divorcesaloon.com/2010/11/09/laurie-davids-cook-book-family-dinners-has-recipe-for-divorce-brownies/

WASHINGTON: Michaele and Tareq Salahi, Obama’s party crashers, to divorce?

Michaele and Tareq Salahi are clearly nuts. They are alleged to have perpetrated the biggest Thanksgiving hoax of 2009 by allegely crashing President and Michelle Obama’s state dinner on Tuesday night, which was in honor of Indian Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh. They claim the were invited, however. This stunt was supposedly to prove to Bravo producers that the Salahis were […]

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