Sanctions From a Divorce judge in a Divorce Case are Pretty Common

Divorce Sanctions It doesn’t happen everyday but it does happen that divorce judges sanction divorcing parties or their attorney’s in a divorce action. It usually is in response to some type of outrageous and/or repeatedly offensive behavior. The judge usually gives warnings before sanctions are imposed so there is some type of repetitious behavior that […]

UK: Millionaire Scot Young’s divorce judge gets angry letter from his bankruptcy solicitor

John Bolch, author of UK blog Family Lore, brought our attention to the story in the Independent which reports today on Scot Young’s divorce. This update is highly appreciated since we have not had recent updates on that case in years! If you have been following Divorce Saloon you may remember that we did a […]

Kelsey Grammer asks divorce judge to rush his divorce from Camille so he can re-marry fast

Speed it up! Kelsey Grammer asks divorce judge to speed up his divorce from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills so that he can marry wifey number five? Kayte Walsh, 29. Basically that means Kelsey is asking for the rush job on thet divorce proceedings and he wants them to be bifurcated meaning the actual divorce proceedings are cut […]

BRITAIN: UK divorce judge drops the “F” bomb in court: “Don’t ‘fuck up’ your children,” he warns

Hysterical! See, that’s why I wouldn’t rush to be a judge because I am afraid I will curse on the bench (currently trying meditation as an antidote). But a UK judge did it, and he was cunning about it. He read the cuss word from a poem. Gotta luv it. And I am sure he sounded […]

Ruth Madoff on how to look like a complete idiot in front of a divorce judge

RICO; CONSTRUCTIVE TRUST; INNOCENT SPOUSE RULE; DIVORCE; GROUNDS FOR DIVORCE I was just over on Bloomberg and read an interesting article by Susan Antilla which she wrote yesterday about Ruth Madoff’s post-Bernie options. One option according to some lawyers Ms. Antilla interviewed, is for Ruth to divorce Bernie. Then she would have to show that the asset to be […]

Reptile Theory in Divorce Cases: Can Your Lawyer Use Snakes and Alligators to Win You Points With Judge and Jury?

Reptile Theory in Divorce Cases: Can Your Lawyer Use Snakes and Alligators to Win You Points With Judge and Jury?

When you think of divorce, the last thing you probably think about is reptiles or “reptile theory.” What the heck is reptile theory you wonder? All you can think about when you think of reptiles are things that camouflage, are slithery and dangerous, and make your blood crawl. What does any of that have to […]

Why Did the Judge Order That Prince’s Divorce Records Be Unsealed?

Grammy winning artist Prince died at age 57 from a drug overdose on April 21 2016 – ten years after his divorce from second wife Manuela Testolini. In August, the judge ruled that the parties’ 2006 SEALED divorce file would be made available for public consumption. According to the Star Tribune, in explaining his decision to unseal […]

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