Q&A: What Factors are Considered in Alimony & Child Support/Custody Awards?

The court takes many factors into account from the anodyne to the scandalous in determining property division, alimony and child support. It really depends on the jurisdiction and the specific situation between the couple. Of course, there are specific guidelines in every jurisdiction, and there are unique rules. But there are common threads. For example, with regard […]

Brad and Angelina are worth Half a Billion Bucks. Rumor Has it He Refused to Pay Her $100K Per Month Child Support

BRANGELINA DIVORCE UPDATES According to Forbes, together, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are worth $555,000,000. That is over half a billion dollars. It’s not a huge amount when you consider all the billionaires out there, in various industries, just casually banking cash. I mean, Brangelina is not even as rich as Donald Trump. It is a modest net […]

Sherri Shepherd’s surrogacy & child support dispute: Is she the “equitable mother?”

Divorce & Surrogacy & “Equitable Maternity” – by Marion TD Lewis Divorce & surrogacy collide often these days and it seems that courts around the world are having a tough time figuring out all the legal logistics. It is a sign of our times. Increasingly, infertile, wealthy married couples are turning to assisted reproduction methods, including surrogacy, in order to have […]

The law on equality between women and men: a guarantee against unpaid child support?

After separation, the first subject of discord is the non-payment or delayed payment of maintenance charged to the parent with whom the children do not have their habitual residence.   Recent surveys indicate an alarming percentage of 40% of alimony unfulfilled in France. Another poll, quoted in the press release of our Minister of Women’s […]

Christopher Mark and Maria Isakova: Will the steel tycoon seek custody of infant daughter now that Marina’s filed for child support?

Christopher Mark and Maria Isakova: Will the steel tycoon seek custody of infant daughter now that Marina’s filed for child support?

Will Christopher Mark file for custody of baby Maria now that his ex lover and the child’s mother Marina Isakova, a Russian émigré, has sued the multimillionaire for child support? The New Post ran this story about a Connecticut millionaire steel tycoon Christopher Mark and his lover Marina Isakova a few days back but I […]

Massachusetts man commits murder suicide after divorce: child support, relocaton issues cited

Domestic violence is a recurring theme in many divorces across the country and world. Today a story was reported out of Massachusetts about Richard and Rebecca Bibart. Just this week, Rebecca won a judgment of divorce where Richard was ordered to pay child support, utilities, mortgage and other expenses. According to Metro West Daily News: […]

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