Career Prospects After Divorce: Do You Have Realistic Options? Hire an Image Consultant to Help you Sort it Out

Career Prospects After Divorce: Do You Have Realistic Options? Hire an Image Consultant to Help you Sort it Out

Career Options After Divorce: What are your realistic options? Maybe an Image Consultant Could Help Yes, you have career options after divorce but they may not always be what you think you deserve. Sometimes, you have to slum it a little bit; you have to take something beneath your ability and stature in order to […]

Is Angelina Jolie Trying to Destroy Brad Pitt’s Career?

I am unapologetically Team Aniston. But it does not mean that I can’t be merciful to Angelina during this difficult time. She is a woman, a Hollywood megastar, who was trying to save herself from the global humiliation of being dumped by a man she won in very dramatic fashion from a much beloved TV actress.  […]

Divorce Lawyers: With falling divorce rates do divorce lawyers need to start looking at other career options?

Do divorce Lawyers need to start rethinking their careers? Everybody keeps telling me that the divorce rates are dropping. Apparently, there is an inverse relationship between the rate of recession (is there such thing as “rate of recession?”) and the divorce rate. Since 2008, in other words, while the country has been gripped by one […]

With his dysfunctional marriage in disintegration, can Woods redeem his golf career?

Tiger Woods and Swedish blond Elin Nordegren have called it quits and she’s come out with an interview in People Magazine. Can he now regain his footing as the golfing champ of the World? Or was the Swedish blond his…wait a second…Swedish blond, Swedish blond….  Why does everyone go  back to this “Swedish blond?” thingy? What is up with that? Why is […]

Divorce for Beyonce and her dad? Should Matthew Knowles – a cheating husband – step aside as Beyonce’s manager to save her career?

Seems the entire Knowles family – particularly superstar Beyonce – is having a hard time coming to terms with the infidelity and out-of-wedlock spawning of a youngster named Nixon, by patriarch (and Beyonce’s dad) Matthew Knowles. His indiscretion has not only led to a divorce filing by wife Tina, but now it seems that even Beyonce could […]

ARIZONA: Tiger Woods’ scheduled press conference this Friday is good for his career and his marriage too

Reports are swirling that Tiger Woods will be holding a kind of press conference on Friday to coincide with Accenture Match Play Championship in Arizona. This story was reported today by the Associated Press. You may recall that following his admission of infidelity with a string of golf babes ,  Accenture was one of the […]

ROME: Pretty girls wrecked billionaire Silvio Berlusconi’s marriage; will 100,000 Italian housewives destroy his career?

The has an interesting article about Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi today. The Italian minister, as everyone knows by now, has been in the dog house with his wife since last Spring on account of an alleged inappropriate relationship with that woman, Noemi Letizia. He claims he did not lie and he did not have sex with […]

Art Folsom (a Denver divorce attorney on occassion) gets biggest case of his career – criminal attorneys are horrified

Art Folsom is an attorney practicing in Denver who, according to the Wall Street Journal, has handled the “odd” divorce case – which I guess would make him the “odd” divorce attorney. But he’s come into this media storm on account of the fact that he’s now representing Najibullah Zazi, who is “accused by the […]

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