G20 Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi calls in the Divorce-busters: can he save his broken marriage?

KEHL, GERMANY: Billionaire Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi is known for his ribald sense of humor, among other things. In Italy, some say he continuously embarrasses the country with unspeakable gaffes on the international stage. For example, just today in Germany, he was apparently too busy on his cell phone to take a group picture with the […]

3 Unexpected Things Every Successful Marriage Needs

Every successful marriage needs a healthy dose of transparency, vulnerability and space in order to really flourish. Transparency is needed because it is the only way to build and preserve trust in your marriage. Where there is transparency, there is honesty and accountability. No marriage can truly flourish without that. Vulnerability is important  in your […]

Lingerie to save your marriage

Lingerie to save your marriage

    Lingerie to save your marriage   Well, this should be fun! I am about to dispense advice on a subject I know absolutely nothing about. LOL. That’s always so much fun! All of a sudden, I’m not only a marriage expert, I’m about to tell you what lingerie to buy to so totally blow your […]

AUSTRALIA: Would making marriage a renewable contract stem the divorce rate?

AUSTRALIA: Per Family Lore Blog, I learned of this article in the Sydney Morning Herald which suggests that it may be a good idea to make marriage a renewable contract or, in other words, to let it naturally expire after a certain period of time. That is, marriage should have an expiration date. The tag […]

SAN FRANCISCO: The Getty Divorce papers – Jaqueline Getty alleges “choking” “death threats” and “broken arm” by husband Gordon Getty Jr. in her affidavit

[GSMITHBOOK] Radaronline is reporting, exclusively, that Jackie Getty is alleging that Gordon Getty Jr has choked her, broken her arm, threatened to kill her and that she is afraid of him and needs a restraining order. She is also seeking attorney’s fees and support for her 23 year old daughter, Gia, who is not Gordon’s […]

The tipping point: Why Valentine’s Day can stress a marriage to divorce

Can Valentine’s day be the tipping point for your marriage? Forbes Magazine did an article in 2008 called the “Valentine Effect.” The article tried to make a correlation between Valentine’s Day and the number of people who file divorces at or around Valentine’s. The author interviewed lawyers across the country who each had a theory about […]

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