ITALY: Divorce the least of Berlusconi’s problems – could be indicted for having sex with a Moroccan minor

Prime Minister of Italy Silvio Berlusconi is under fire and prosecutors are calling for his indictment on charges that he had sex with an underage Moroccan  prostitute. Divorce from wife of 19 years Veronica Lario the least of his problems.   Copyright secured by Digiprove © 2011

ITALY: Silvio Berlusconi under fire to resign after docs show he covorted with prostitutes as ex wife Veronica Lario alleged

Is he guilty? Silvio Berlusconi is under pressure to resign as prime minister of Italy following an investigation into allegations that he paid young girls – Italian, Moroccan, Brazilian and Dominican girls – for sex. This is a charge that was first leveled against Berlusconi by wife Veronica Lario in divorce papers she filed in […]

ITALY: Divorced? Looking for a billionaire sugar daddy? Italy’s billionaire PM Silvio Berlusconi may be just the man for you!

ITALY: Forget those cheap billionaires in Hong Kong who attend wealth camps to learn about how to keep your grubby little paws off their loot. Now that he’s almost divorced, Italy’s prime minister Silvio Berlusconi has no problem whatsoever with women coming after him for his bank account. On the contrary, he seems to encourage it.

ROME: Veronica Lario wants $50 million a year from billionaire husband Silvio Berlusconi

TIMESONLINE.CO.UK Italian first lady Veronica Lario has lost her mind. The Italian news paper, Corriere della Sera, has reportedly reported that the former actress wants something like £39 million per year alimony/maintenance from her prime minister hubby. Sure, he’s worth over $10 billion probably. But still. That’s a lot – about $4 million per month. What the […]

ITALY: Divorce his foot! Berlusconi makes the cover of Rolling Stones Magazine, shoving wife Veronica to archive status

DAILY MAIL is basically asking, Veronica who? According to an article in the European paper, Silvio Berlusconi proves that he doesn’t need a beautiful fifty-something wife to be famous. Even though his wife Veronica Lario is divorcing the billionaire Italian prime minister for his various lapses, gasps and other debauchery, Mr. Berlusconi still manages to be one of […]

ROME: Pretty girls wrecked billionaire Silvio Berlusconi’s marriage; will 100,000 Italian housewives destroy his career?

The has an interesting article about Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi today. The Italian minister, as everyone knows by now, has been in the dog house with his wife since last Spring on account of an alleged inappropriate relationship with that woman, Noemi Letizia. He claims he did not lie and he did not have sex with […]

ITALY:Berlusconi’s legal troubles trump his divorce action

Timesonline is reporting that Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is getting deeper and deeper into hot water; so much so that his divorce from wife Veronica Lario is quickly becoming the least of his problems. Did Veronica put a jinx on him? It sure seems that way because now he’s up on all these legal […]

Hugh Hefner v. Silvio Berlusconi (and their divorce)

Both Mr. Hefner and Mr. Berlusconi are getting divorced, and neither is particularly apologetic of the circumstances. Berlusconi is a septuagenarian (that’s more than likely the wrong spelling and ask me if I care?) and Hefner is an octogenarian. Berlusconi is a billionaire and Hefner is worth a measly $43 million according to his financial […]

ROME: Did the Berlusconis have an open marriage that blew up?

Divorce News This link has a very interesting article about the Berlusconis I am loathe to say anything about this case cause he’s a billionaire and he’s suing newspapers for libel. He’s basically denying everything his wife has said, which is interesting. I mean, he can’t exactly censure free press and if it can be […]

ITALY: Veronica Lario, estranged wife of Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, writes book about their divorce

ROME Veronica Lario, wife (soon to be ex wife) of Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi, allegedly stated in a new book, Tendenza Veronica, that it was her husband’s lies and fondness for young girls that drove her to file for divorce in April. In an Associated Press article, Ariel David writes: In the book, Veronica […]

ITALY: Italian president Berlusconi’s glamorous divorce and life-style intrigues Italians

I was just reading up on the latest on Silvio Berlusconi’s divorce. I would have thought by now there would have been all this backlash and that the very “Catholic” Italian society would have turned on him and sunk his poll numbers. But no. According to this article from Reuters I just read, “[Berlusconi’s]  glamorous […]

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