CONNECTICUT: Can Brooke Hundley, the “other woman” in ESPN’s Steve Phillips’ divorce saga, sue ESPN for wrongful termination and/or sexual harassment?

Brooke Hundley has been fired from her job at ESPN and so has Steve Phillips on account of the dramatic incidences that occurred last few weeks following their extra-marital affair. Steve’s gone off to do some time in sex-school rehab and Brooke? Well, she’s on the lam. But that’s irrelevant. The relevant question for purposes […]

CONNECTICUT: Steve Phillips divorce updates: Brooke Hundley used CRAIGSLIST to harass Marni Phillips, by guest

CRAIGSLIST The New York Post revealed this afternoon, the Steve Phillips’ consort Brooke Hundley hired a waitress on Craigslist and gave her talking points for a phone call the waitress would be paid $50 if she called Phillips’ wife Marni and squealed on the philandering Steve. Connecticut waitress Courtney Arp provided the email to the press […]

NEW YORK: ESPN analyst Steve Phillips gets hit with divorce petition after 22 year old mistress sends bitchy letter to wife

ESPN analyst Steve Phillips is scared for his life and the safety of his family according to published reports. And why? Because his 22 year old mistress, Brooke Hundley, is mad as hell and she’s not going to take it anymore. In spite of her recent shenanigans, like contacting his teenaged son on facebook, Steve has declined […]