Meryl Streep’s Daughter Grace Gummer Files for Divorce

Meryl Streep’s Daughter Grace Gummer Files for divorce

The fact that Meryl Streep’s daughter Grace Gummer Files for Divorce during the coronavirus pandemic lockdown is not reason to think that coronavirus had anything to do with the filing. I don’t think such a conclusion makes any sense. But according to TMZ, “Meryl Streep‘s daughter filed docs Monday in L.A. Superior Court to end things with her husband, Tay Strathairn” on Monday.

Clearly, the divorce was already in the works before coronavirus broke out worldwide. Justjared reports that ” Meryl‘s daughter Grace Gummer and David‘s son Tay Strathairn secretly tied the knot after they started dating in 2017. “

So it was not an especially long marriage. Under 3 years to be exact. And the couple did not have any children thankfully and gracefully so that should mean it is an uncontested divorce situation and we should not hear any major dramas coming from this one – especially since they seem to be very secretive and private people.

Do you think that the fact that Meryl Streep’s daughter files for divorce during the coronavirus outbreak means that a lot of other people will copy cat her and lint brush their marriages? And this is not to make light of their situation. Because that would be insensitive. But the fact that she went ahead and filed for divorce when the coronavirus was going on does raise the question if there will be a floodgate of filings during this time. Some experts say so. They are anticipating a “tsunami of divorces” to be precipitated by the coronavirus.

Grace and Tay are not the only celebrities filing court documents during the coronavirus outbreak. Avengers actor Jeremy Renner has also filed documents requesting the court to lower his child support obligations. He says his income has been impacted by the coronavirus, according to a report on TMZ.

Too bad we can’t just take a lint brush and get rid of the coronavirus!


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