What to Desire in October 2017 (for the recently divorced)


The List of Desires for October 2017

The “D” List

1. Perfect fitting jeans

2. More (or some) good sex

3. More (or some) child support

4. More (or some) spousal support

5. Butt implants that leave you looking like a young Brigitte Bardot

6. A collection of 12 classic novels (you will read one per month)

7. A smiley face pumpkin

8. A baking pan to learn how to bake

9. A week in the Hamptons, Long Island

10. A free membership for one year in Tracy Anderson's Manhattan gym.

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Author: Aisha Khan

Aisha Khan is of Sri Lankan descent. She is a writer and blogger who contributes articles to niche websites like Divorce Saloon International. Her principal interests are in beauty, lifestyle and luxury. Aisha is the original curator of Divorce Saloon International's monthly "The 'D' List" (DESIRES). She lives in London.