Would You Divorce Your Husband IF He Transitioned to a Woman? Or Your Wife If She Transitioned to a Man?


A lot has been said and debated about the Kardashians and in particular the decision of patriarch Bruce Jenner, now Caitlin Jenner, to become the female version of himself.

As fascinating as it it to watch in real time, one can’t help but wonder “what if this were me and it were my husband who decided he did not want to be a man anymore.” Does it make a person a bad person for asking for a divorce in this situation? Is there anyone who could stay married in this circumstance to an individual who mid course just switched gender?

Of course we live in a very complicated world and during a very complicated time when old notions and ideas about just about everything are being challenged. So in the years to come, it is highly likely that your spouse’s decision to change his or her gender won’t bat anybody’s eye-lash.

However, we are not quite there yet in society that this is still not an et-brow raiser when your spouse comes out as transgender. But what are the ethical and moral and societal obligations of the left behind spouse? I say left behind because in  a real sense, the spouse who did not transition is left behind in a marriage that frankly is not the one they signed up for. They are being forced to accept this massive change in their relationship and to be the good guy or bad guy who decides to stay or bolt.

In a way, it seems very unfair to the left behind spouse. And I guess I just wonder how most people feel about this? What would you do if your spouse did what Bruce Jenner did? Would you stay? OR ask for a divorce?

Author: Chrissie Zempuanova

My name is Chrissie. I am a married woman in my forties. I chose the pen name "Zempuanova" to protect my identity. I mostly write about marriage issues. But I have many other interests as well. I live in Santa Monica, California.