What to desire in August 2017 (for the recently divorced)


1. A sweet "O"

2. A subcription to British Vogue Magazine (If you are not British)

3. Verve Cliquot Champagne

4. A black evening gown that costs more than your rent.

5. A free uber-driven cross country trip with the kids (plus nightly hotels paid)

6. Happy kids

7. A box of strawberries

8. Shun DMS 400 Classic Steak knives

9. A carton of fresh, straight from the cow, organic, grass fed cow's milk from Spain

10. A workable parenting plan & a more cooperative ex


Author: Aisha Khan

Aisha Khan is of Sri Lankan descent. She is a writer and blogger who contributes articles to niche websites like Divorce Saloon International. Her principal interests are in beauty, lifestyle and luxury. Aisha is the original curator of Divorce Saloon International's monthly "The 'D' List" (DESIRES). She lives in London.