Are President Trump and Wife Melania SEPARATED But Living Together for the Country?

I can’t help but wonder if Donald and Melania are separated by mutual agreement. Why? They never accidentally turn to each other, peer into each other’s eyes and smile. Most other presidents and their wives have done that at one time or another. A jubilant win. A campaign stop where love was overflowing. Coming down the steps of Air Force One.

There are so many little uncontrived moments when a couple naturally turns to each other and grins. A communication just between them.

Melania Trump and Donald Trump have never once done that, not even by choreography.

This is not normal behavior for a couple in love, in sync and in this thing together. Something is amiss.

Are they SEPARATED but living under the same roof? This would make sense. They are separated but still married and so she does her First Lady duties but not “wife” duties if you know what I mean. They don’t do it, in other words. It is a sexless situation. Because they are separated. But because of the unique circumstances, they have an understanding, a contract, an agreement. A separation agreement.

If this is so, there is almost certainly a post nuptial agreement that they executed to cover this. Mrs Trump has always said she was happy with the prenuptial agreement. But that was over a decade ago. Now, I am guessing that they must have revisited it and added another $10 – $15 million dollars to it just for her role as First Lady.

It is their body language. This relationship seems totally devoid of desire, love and intimacy and passion to me. Instead it seems cold and distant and weird.

What do you think? Are they legally separated but living together for the cameras and for the country and maybe for little Barron?

How come this lovely girl has never once looked “lovingly” at her beloved husband who against the odds became the 45th president of the United States? Is this not weird?



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