Your Wedding Dress After Divorce: Burn, Recycle, Store or Sell?

Your Wedding dress after divorce: What the heck should you do with it?


When it comes to your wedding dress after a divorce, I say there are four options: Burn, Recycle, Store or Sell.


Why Sell?

To raise money, obviously. Maybe you have debt you need to pay off or maybe you would rather get some of the money back rather than just burn all that cash (because it is cash in the cloth if you think about it). If that is the case, go for it. There are tons of consignment shops and second hands shops and bridal shops that trade in that merchandise. You should be able to get a little something for the girl.

Why Store?

Maybe you really loved this dress and think it would be good to keep it as a momento or maybe you have a daughter who you think might one day be able to use it for something. Or it is just like a museum piece and you just think, “hey, you never know, I am going to keep this.” I am sure that reality star Kim Kardashian has stored every single one of her dresses for posterity and for, maybe, an exhibit. If you are not a reality star, it may not have the pop culture cachet but you never know if you will become famous or notorious (and then you may even be able to sell it later on.)

Why Recycle?

Hey, a girl gets married more than once in her life. Well, some girls are lucky enough to find multiple suitors in any given life time and wedding dresses can be pricey. You may think “hey, I could spend that money on something else rather than buy another wedding dress.” And so, yea. Go for it. Wear that puppy again. It says something about you and the dress that is very noteworthy.

Why burn?

Need I explain?

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Author: Aisha Khan

Aisha Khan is of Sri Lankan descent. She is a writer and blogger who contributes articles to niche websites like Divorce Saloon International. Her principal interests are in beauty, lifestyle and luxury. Aisha is the original curator of Divorce Saloon International's monthly "The 'D' List" (DESIRES). She lives in London.