Divorce Headlines From Last Week: A Round up of all the Celeb Divorce Gossip

Beyoncé and Jay Z twinning! Brad Pitt & Sienna Miller dating! Bernie Eccelestone’s daughter Petra’s Billion dollar divorce!…. and Divorce Headlines From Last Week: A Round up of Top Divorce Stories by Divorce Saloon’s Columnist Julia Woods Oye!

So, as for last week’s celeb divorce gossip, according to the New York Post and the Daily Mail, Formula One billionaire Bernie Ecclestone’s daughter Petra Ecclestone Stunt is having major marriage problems after just 5 years of marriage. The couple’s stormy marriage began with their nuptials in the same Italian castle where  Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes famously tied the knot in front of 350 guests in 2005. Petra and her husband James Stunt are in divorce court in UK fighting over a fortune worth in excess of £5.5 billion pounds.  James apparently has been accused of “overdoses” and “violences” during the marriage and Petra is all but fed up.  The couples owns a slew of expensive homes in UK and Los Angeles including a seven story mansion in Chelsea and the Manor – the former childhood home of reality TV siren Tori Spelling. Petra is being represented by Baroness Fiona Shackleton, the same lawyer who represented Prince Charles in his divorce from Princess Diana.

Meanwhile, divorcées Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez continue to look cozy and loved up in the Hamptons and in NYC. Alex accompanied his lady love to a taping of the Macy’s Fourth of July spectacular and she issued photos on social media showing them resting in each others laps.

Meanwhile, Brad Pitt, hot from his divorce from Angelina Jolie, is rumored to be shacking up with Sienna Miller. Sienna has famously declined to “dignify the allegations with a response.” And Brad has been mum. Though both he and Angelina are said to have been in London lately (children in tow) for separate affairs. Speaking of their children, some media have alleged (and this is totally unsubstantiated at this time) that Brad and Angelina’s young daughter, 11 year old Shiloh Jolie Pitt is about to undergo hormonal treatment for gender reassignment.

Finally, you can forget all the rumors about Jay Z and Beyonce divorcing. The singer just gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl, and Jay put out a new album called 4:44 where he basically copped to adultery but basically said he has the “baddest girl in the world” and thus would not be going anywhere. And he apologized for his cheating ways. So there.

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