On Why Housewives Give Up on Their Marriages & Ask for a Divorce, by Kate Nguyen

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On Why Housewives Get Divorced

There are a lot of desperate housewives in America and all over the world. And I mean truly desperate not desperate in the way BRAVO interprets it.

Why are these women so desperate? Well, there could be any number of reasons. Considering the fact that I have never been a housewife, take my speculations with a grain of salt. But here are the reasons I think wives become desperate housewives (and maybe more husbands need to think about how they can make the experience better for their wives before she pulls the plug on the relationship):

  1. She has no time to tend to her own life dreams because she is busy all day cleaning the house.
  2. Being a mother of young children is exhausting when you are the one having to deal with it from dusk till dawn.
  3. Not having a career outside the house is not as fulfilling as some people might think.
  4. The other moms and she do not have a lot in common.
  5. Sexual starvation
  6. Too much TV where images of women leading glamorous lives makes her feel she is missing out on life.
  7. The age she is when she decides to become a housewife (the older the better so she has had a chance to have a career)
  8. Boredom
  9. A spouse who is oblivious to what is actually entailed with being a housewife.
  10. Too few opportunities to wear make up, perfume and high heels (studies show that women crave this)

So what can husbands do about this? Well, they should insist that their wives go out to work or have other pastimes other than tending the house all day long and administering to the kids. Husbands should encourage their wives to have a life outside of wife and mother. She should have a balanced life. Being a housewife can be too restrictive and is rather passé and for some women, it is very, very frustrating.

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Author: Kate Nguyen

Hi, My name is Kate and I am a typical twenty-something fresh out of college aspiring journalist and now I am a contributing blogger for Divorce Saloon. I am single, childless and penniless but I do have a cat named Tess and an "older" boyfriend who is divorced with a couple of kids. So I get a lot of material from all those sources. I live in Queens, New York and my family is originally from Vietnam.