Brad Pitt Divorce Diary

Brad Pitt Divorce Diary

Man oh man.

53 year old guys are not even supposed to write in divorce diaries. But somebody told me it is good therapy. I feel like I need good therapy. I have a therapist and I get help but I figure an extra outlet can’t do too much damage. So I am doing this Brad Pitt divorce diary.


So where am I with this experience? Man. Dude. It’s surreal. This thing is not easy. Life is not easy, man. Funny thing is, I used to think that I got such a good hand. And I played my cards and my life was just as good as it was gonna get.

I still think that for the most part I got a good hand. But man. I have had to face some stuff you know and it was hard. It is hard.

Angelina…I really loved her, I think, if I understand what love is. I think I fell in love with her. Or the idea of what I wanted her to be. I mean, and really, it just wasn’t possible for her to live up to the fantasy. And it is not her fault. That was my bad. That was 100% my bad.

In the end, she was just a normal woman, a regular girl who wanted  happy home and a bunch of kids and a Land Rover. To be honest with you, I was surprised by how decent she is. And in a real way it was a good surprise. But if I am totally straight, I would say it was also a bad surprise.

Cause I think that…on a certain level…I wanted and needed that bad girl to be on all the time. And I know it is unfair and I know it is unreasonable. And I know it is unrealistic. But, you know, I needed the opposite of Jennifer. I wanted excitement and pulsating action, and you know, the movie is to blame. I think the way we met and fell in love on this high octane movie really just was not realistic. I think we fell in love with characters and this obviously was a recipe for disaster because neither of us is the character we play in the movies we act in.

I feel so much guilt about so many things. But I wouldn’t change anything that happened in the last decade and in the last year, it was a brutal year for me. But I learned so much about life and about myself and I had to face my demons.

And, you know, this thing with the alcoholism, it was time for that to be out in the open and it is a problem and I am trying to get the help that I need.

It wrecked my marriage and my family and you know, this just breaks me up inside. Losing my family. But to be honest with you, freedom is priceless too and I get to see the kids and take them on little outings and they live not far away.

And not to brag or anything but I do think that if I want it bad enough, I can get Angelina back. Cause she has been giving me some looks lately and I think there could be an opportunity for us to reconcile.

I just don’t know if it is a good idea. But I am sure the kids would love it.

(this is a work of fiction and was not written by the actor Brad Pitt)

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