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New Life After Divorce: Rebuild Your Life and Re-invent Yourself Post Split in Italy + Get €2000 Euros as a bonus

Start a new life after divorce and thrive!
New Life After Divorce: Re-invent yourself in Italy + May pays you €2000 euros to relocate!
New Life After Divorce got you down? Stop worrying That You won't be able to Thrive After Divorce. Instead Pick Yourself Up and Move to Italy Where The Mayor Will Pay You €2000 & offer you an apartment worth less than €200 per month! Read on for the details.

Hi there,

Your life after divorce will be just fine! I just wanted to take a moment to tell you that and to share with you this latest travel deal that came across my desk. Before we get to the travel deal, just remember that you have to know how to pick yourself up after your divorce and move on in a way that leaves you in control of yourself and of your situation and your life. You can’t let your divorce get you down or keep you trapped in the past.

This is not a post on your personal psychology though. It is about divorce travel in a round about sort of way.

You see, not only does rebuilding your life after divorce mean being open minded and flexible about your options, but depending on your circumstances, you may even want to pull up stakes and move really far away. If you are going to move anyway, how about to Italy!

Italy is really far away. That is assuming you don’t live on the European continent.  Why did I pick Italy? Well, a recent newspaper article reveals that that the mayor of a small village in the Italian mountains is offering people a €2000 incentive to move to the village and lay down roots. The village is called Bormida.

There are only 394 people in the village and life is very quiet and very slow with not much to do so if you are a high octane person, this, obviously, would be a mistake. Of course this option is not the right one for every divorced person. Nothing ever is. However, it could be the right option for you – especially if you dont have kids. Indeed, you could be surprised at how well you thrive after divorce in a place like this.

Despite its distance, and the tranquility, this deal sounds like a great one, doesn’t it? What an interesting (movie inducing) way to start your new life after divorce. And it is not clear that you would have to stay there forever. Perhaps you could stay a year or two or three then move back to wherever you wish once you are ready.

The point is that after a split, many people yearn for a major change. They search for tips and ideas of how to re-invent themselves after divorce and start a new life after divorce all over the place. Often, the best way to pick yourself up after divorce is just to…pick yourself up and go. Take a wild plunge in a place that is totally new and different.

That is not to say that just because you live in an idyllic Italian mountain village that your life after divorce will become this Elysian Field, by the way. But it is to say that you definitely can thrive after divorce, you can rebuild your life and you can have an amazing and interesting new life. And if someone will pay you €2000 to boot, why the heck would you say no?

Read more about this Italian deal here.

Here is to you starting your new life after divorce in Italy!

Make it your best life!



Grace Ann

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