Divorce Industry Buzz: Is the World Ready for its first Divorce Museum?

Divorce industry buzz:   Introducing DIVORCE SALOON online divorce MUSEUM

Divorce Saloon Museum
(Courtesy Flickr Creative Commons)

So, I have never really thought about it, and certainly, there is no divorce industry buzz about it but recently we were chatting online, and my colleagues and I at Divorce Saloon came to the conclusion that the time is quickly coming that the world will see its very first divorce museum. While we wait for someone out there with deep pockets to actually call us to create one for real,  we thought we would launch the online divorce museum right here and right now. All of this stuff is available for free on Flickr creative commons, btw, so you can click the links provided below and speak with the artists directly.

In the real Divorce Museum, there will be all

sorts of things in it: paintings, drawings, sculpture, ceramics, jewelry, tapestries, framed literary excerpts, prints, wallpaper, apparel, kitchen ware, appliances and more.  And there would be a filming room to show divorce documentaries like Divorce Iranian Style and others. YOU. HEARD. IT. HERE. FIRST. DARLINGS.

Divorce Saloon Museum (Courtesy Flickr Creative Commons)

We believe that in time, Divorce Saloon will host a Divorce Museum of its own as well. If you believe our editor in chief, that is. But she is a total loony tune and I say that with love. She has all these delusions of grandeur and only a total loony tune could be so ridiculously grandiose. But maybe she has a vision. Maybe she is right that the time has come. But there is no buzz about it in the divorce industry right now so I thought I would create some divorce industry buzz by writing this short post and throwing up some of this art work. And you know what? Marion is a visionary. She really is:

“Divorce is art,” said Marion TD Lewis. “I can scarcely believe there isn’t yet a single Divorce Museum in the world. I would form one but I don’t have any money. Rest assured, if I did, I would form a divorce museum. It would be called Divorce Saloon Museum, of course.”

Divorce Saloon Museum (Courtesy Flickr Creative Commons)

But of course. The woman, as I said, thinks big.

Then she ordered me to find her a venture capitalist so she can realize her lofty ambitions with this divorce museum and other crazy ideas she has and we all just started laughing. She’s so funny. I told her she needed a reality check and that she needed to get out more or at least watch some television (she is famously reclusive and does not watch TV).

But yea. What do you think about today’s divorce industry buzz? Do you think divorce is art? Do you think a divorce museum is a good idea? If so, contact us. We are serious about starting one. Marion thinks the Divorce Saloon Museum should be in Brooklyn. She has the perfect idea for a spot.

For more on this idea read Grace Ann Diaz’s post: A Day at the Museum of Broken Relationships in Croatia and Los Angeles

Divorce Saloon Museum (Courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons)














Divorce Saloon Museum
(Courtesy Flickr Creative Commons)



Divorce Saloon Museum (Courtesy Flickr Creative Commons)







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