11 Rules for Surviving Divorce (A free download for men)

This download from a Washington law firm promises to help men deal with divorce and answers many frequently asked questions about divorce from the perspective of men.

Hey guys,

Just a quick shout out. I found this interesting website owned by a Washington Law firm specializing in men’s divorce and they have a free download about all you need to know about surviving your divorce. According to their tagline, “you can’t win if you don’t know the rules.”

I am not being paid to endorse it or anything like that, and since I am not getting divorced, I didn’t actually download the information, but I was just looking around the Internet for information and inspiration about father’s rights and men’s divorce issues (custody, alimony, the marital residence, etc)  and I found their site and I thought, hey, maybe one of my bros will appreciate this.

So check it out and see if there is anything there you can find useful.

You can link to it here.

Best of luck.


Author: Bryan Pauly - Father's Rights specialist

Bryan K Pauly writes occassionally for Saloon. He is interested in cases involving father's whose custody rights are jeopardised after divorce.