Be Honest: Is Your Current Marriage a Total Waste of Your Time?


Are you wasting precious time, resources and emotions on your current marital situation? Is it over? But instead of facing it are you instead pulling a dead horse around in the backyard? If so, why? Why are you pulling this dead horse around? It is bound to be heavy and it is bound to smell and it is bound to be making you look like a raggedy doll.

I don’t know why people waste time on bad marriages. They stay married to assholes, douchebags and couch potatoes hoping for what? Change? That change will occur by osmosis in this person? How long do you wait for change to occur before you yourself are an unpleasant noun?

The thing is, time  is very precious. Just yesterday, I woke up and discovered a grey hair in my head. MY head! How could I have a grey hair in my head? Because of the passage of time so quickly. So much changes so quickly.

If you know in your heart that this marriage is a dead horse, I advise you to bury it immediately and rid yourself of the stench. Because….well, life is just  to short for that kind of nonsense.


;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; but then again, are you sure it is THAT bad?

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