Celebrity Crooner Jennifer Lopez, a serial divorcée, hooks up with A-Rod in Bahamas After Recent “Split” From Drake

Latina bombshell Jennifer Lopez never lacks for a man in her life and bed. This is good but it could also be bad. She is not a woman who is going to sit home and mope when a relationship ends. But boy, she wastes no time getting down and dirty with the new boy! Some of her boys have even overlapped, it appears. Is she afraid to be alone? Because if so, she needs to assess that and evaluate what it is that drives her to keep racking up so many notches in her belt at such whip lash speed.

Alex Rodriguez is cute but so are the numerous lovers and husbands she has already enjoyed. She really needs to think about exposure. To a lot of things.

But good for her that she has seemingly found love again. We wish her good luck with that one.

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