On buying yourself a car that flies: Got a six or seven figure divorce settlement? By Kate N.

In 2018, the world’s first legal flying car will go on sale in UK, according to a recent report.

It is not necessarily the “prettiest” set of wheels I’ve ever seen but it sure does sound like an exciting adventure on the roads and in the skies. There will only be 90 of these puppies available for sale, mostly in Europe as I said but if you are so inclined, you could at least get on the waiting list:

The world’s first commercial flying car is now on sale priced from around £425,000, with first customer deliveries slated for the end of 2018. Only 90 will be sold, with around half of them headed to Europe, and after their delivery the manufacturer will start delivery of the PAL-V Liberty Sport model.

It definitely is not the car for everybody, but the thought of being able to first of all, spend your divorce money on something useful as well as it having a fantasy element, and the ability to just fly, fly away, could be seductive to some people.

Personally, I prefer the good old, Mini Cooper. But that’s just me.


Author: Kate Nguyen

Hi, My name is Kate and I am a typical twenty-something fresh out of college aspiring journalist and now I am a contributing blogger for Divorce Saloon. I am single, childless and penniless but I do have a cat named Tess and an "older" boyfriend who is divorced with a couple of kids. So I get a lot of material from all those sources. I live in Queens, New York and my family is originally from Vietnam.