Buy a Home With Character After Your Divorce

It is always a challenge to get a home that has the right amount of “character.” After a divorce, it is imperative to start over in the right home so that you don’t add depression to depression to even more depression. What is a house with character? Well that is a personal thing isn’t it? A house with character is really a reflection of you and your character and your likes and your inclinations and what you want from life and how you see life.

When you are married, you may have to compromise on this because you and your spouse are different and have differences of opinion on everything from the color you should paint the bathroom to whether the attic will be an office or a gym.

Now that you are newly single, you can do whatever you want and have the home you always dreamed off. You can get a ranch or a 3 story house. You can get a log cabin or a warehouse. You can get a loft or a studio apartment. It really depends. You can paint your walls whatever color you want. You can decorate minimally or you can finally indulge your nesting instinct and fill it with clutter if that is how your heart likes it.

It is about all the five sense: touch, smell, sight sound and taste. Only, it is your five senses that matter; and nobody else’s.

So what is it that you think gives a home “character”?

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