On Losing Weight in Time For Your Divorce Trial

Your divorce trial is coming up. It has been months, maybe even years in the making. Your spouse has already moved on and has taken to bringing the new person to court to sit in the audience and observe/listen to the proceedings. You hate this. You hate this more than anything. But what you hate most of all is that you are gaining a ton of weight and not looking very hot as compared to the new person your spouse is toting. What are you supposed to do? You feel a certain level of rage, understandably about the whole thing. How dare he do this? How dare he bring his whore into the courtroom and how could the judge allow this? This woman has nothing do with any of this except she is the reason your marriage cracked up!

Lose weight. It is the best revenge. It is bad enough you have to be humiliated with this woman’s presence in your experience but that she is thinner and that you are consistently racking up the pounds is totally unacceptable.

You definitely can do better. Sure, you are pigging out because you are stressed out. Sure everybody understands this. The comfort food. The salt. The sugar. The ice cream binges.

Stop it. Replace the soda with Perrier. It costs the same and the latter has no calories. Drink it from a nice glass not from the bottle. You will see how much better it tastes.

Walk everywhere. Ditch the car. Ditch the bus. Ditch the tram. Just walk everywhere. Walk till it hurts. Take off the high heels and just walk. Buy yourself a pair of walking high tops. AND. JUST. WALK!

Don’t eat dinner anymore. Eat a hearty breakfast – whatever you want and then a salad for lunch. But stop eating dinner. You will see the big difference this makes to your weight.

Go to the gym two times per week and the rest of the time, just stretch in your home. This will make you so skinny when added to the other tips.

Sleep a lot.

Leave out the sugar in your coffee.

Skip bread, pasta, rice, sugar, flour or cornmeal (directly and indirectly) and you will be in tip top shape for your divorce trial.

That’s a promise.

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