Post Divorce Should You Just Split the House in Two and Share With Your Ex?

The house and what to do with it after you divorce can be a very big headache for couples. For one thing, you have to buy out and for another thing you have to refinance and for a third you have to pay the mortgage all alone on one  salary. This is often not only a difficult transition, but an impossible one. A lot of times, the person who got the house ends up having to give it up anyway.

But does it always have to end this way? Or is there a better way? How about splitting the house in two? Not literally. Well, yes and no. You can build a wall that divides it in two or just seal off a floor with a door that no longer opens so one of you lives on one floor and the other on the other floor. What’s so wrong with that? And as an added benefit, if you have kids, they can still maintain a normal relationship with both parents.

The trouble is the dating and the new spouses and girlfriends and boyfriends, isn’t it? The jealousy factor. Not everybody will be able to deal with that.

But hey, this is not a solution for everybody. All I am saying is that if this could be something you could stomach, maybe it is a solution. You never know.

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