Successfully divorced? 20 Gifts For your Lawyer

How about:

  1. A case of wine or champagne
  2. A spa treatment
  3. Cigars
  4. an I-phone
  5. a laptop
  6. A fountain pen
  7. A watch
  8. A subscription to an interesting magazine (depending on his or her interests)
  9. A subscription to the New York Times or Wall Street Journal
  10. A holiday fully paid weekend trip for two
  11. Funding a month of advertising like Google adwords
  12. A gift card from Starbucks
  13. A gift card for Office Depot
  14. A dinner at a fancy restaurant (fully paid)
  15. Tickets (like to the opera, ballgame)
  16. A recommendation for a new, lucrative client
  17. An espresso machine
  18. A popcorn machine
  19. An I-pad
  20. A tie or vintage scarf (moderately expensive and very good quality)DSC03150 (1)

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