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The engagement ring is yours to keep, always.

2) You have to return your wedding ring when you get divorced in 4 US states including Idaho, New Mexico, Nevada and New Hampshire.
3) True or false 10 points:

It is automatic malpractice for a lawyer to take your case if he or she has never handled a divorce case before.
4) True or false 10 point:

There is no cap on how much a rich person has to pay in child support.
5) True or false 10 points:

There are some circumstances where if your lawyer fails to get back to you to update you on your divorce case you can bring a complaint with the state bar which could get him or her disbarred.
6) True or false 10 points:

It is illegal to divorce a spouse with a serious illness.
7) True or false 10 points:


If my spouse and I own a house together for more than 10 years we have to sell it when we divorce and split the proceeds after paying off any outstanding mortgage.
8) True or false 10 points

In order to get a divorce my spouse has to agree to divorce me and sign the papers.
9) True or false:

Based on the principles of "equitable distribution" rich people have to split their wealth in half when they get divorced.
10) True or false 10 points:


Prenups will always be enforced by the courts.

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- September 27th 2016




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About this quiz: “What is your Divorce Intelligence Quotient?” is a quiz designed by Divorce Saloon to help you figure out your level of divorce intelligence or your “Divorce IQ.”   The higher your divorce intelligence, obviously the better protected you will be in a divorce situation. We test you using various variables such as personal, financial, custody, and legal.  This quiz is brought to you by the Divorce Saloon Divorce Quizzes Series , a registered copyright of Divorce Saloon. All rights reserved.

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