Are you a divorce lawyer? Have you Heard of the “Divorce School”?

I just came across this on Family Lawyer Magazine and was intrigued. I had no idea that such a concept existed ‘The Divorce School’ Did you know this. Am I the last one to enter the club? If you are wondering about the curriculum for this specialized institution, here is what is says on the website:


Here is a preview of our course curriculum:

  • How to Choose an Attorney
  • Preparing for Divorce
  • Mediating a High-Conflict Divorce
  • What You Need to Know About Child Support
  • How Property Is Divided During Divorce
  • How Child Custody Is Decided
  • The Importance of Parenting Time
  • Parental Alienation Syndrome: Coping Strategies
  • Using a Personal Divorce Coach
  • Business Valuation
  • Your Legal Rights and Obligations
  • Making Your Case for Spousal Support
  • Fraud and Hidden Assets in Divorce
  • Preparing for Court: Advice from a Judge

Sounds like the kind of advice we have been writing about since 2006! It has been a decade already! Wow! But if you would like to really become an expert at this, check out the website for the Divorce School here If I am not mistaken all the courses are online and it is about a 3 month course but you should check it out for yourself. It may even be worth the while of your clients for them to take the course. You never know.

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