Dirty divorce tricks and how to beat your wives at their own game (for men, husbands, dads)




GUYS, YOU HAVE RIGHTS. FATHER’S HAVE RIGHTS. DADS HAVE RIGHTS. HUSBANDS HAVE RIGHTS. Don’t let your wife run all over you in your divorce. YOU CAN WIN YOUR DIVORCE. You can beat your wife at her own game! Fight dirty! Fight to win!

First of all, have you read the book No BS Divorce Strategies For Men? If your answer is no, run, don’t walk to your computer and get a copy now. The book was written by a stock analyst and it is 136 pages of gold. Get yourself a copy. Today. You can get it in e-book form. Just Google the title and you’ll be good to go.

Look, divorce is hard on all of us. Believe me, it was hard on me and it is even harder on the next guy. But if you understand the fundamentals, you can beat your wives at every dirty trick that she throws your way.

First of all, just accept that they have an advantage and figure out in your unique situation how to wrestle that advantage away. This is a sport. Women initiat almost 90% of divorces and in nearly 90% of the cases, they win the custody battle. But why you ask yourselves? Are they better at being wives than we are at being husbands? Are they better at being a parent than we are at being fathers? Maybe. But it could also be that they know how to manipulate the system better too. They are online in chat rooms getting tricks and strategies from their online girlfriends and they get divorce lawyers and judges who are totally biased towards men. So that may play a big role in the circus more than casually concluding that they are better mothers or better spouses than we are.

Now, one of the main things women do early on to get an advantage in a divorce action, is they bring an ORDER OF PROTECTION against you. They try to paint you in the blackest light before the court. They accuse you of a ton of sins some you haven’t even ever thought of before. And the judges believe them! That is why it is so important to read the bible on this issue, by Matt O’Connell. He tells you exactly what to do about that. But whatever you do don’t take it lying down. Challenge the OP. Let her prove it. Bring in your own proof to disprove it. Get an order of protection against her! And be a gentleman in court. Don’t show how angry you are about this filing. The court could make a negative inference about your anger even if it is justified.

Now, depending on where you live, you have a better or worse chance of getting custody.  You better believe your wife is going to fight dirty with this one. First of all, she wants custody because, sure she may love the kids, but it also means she gets a lot more money from you than she would get if she didn’t have the kids. So she is going to try to show that she is the better parent, that you were an absentee father who “worked all the time” and had nothing to do with raising the kids. Again, Read Matt’s book to get the low down on how to protect yourself and fight back. Of course, it is easy to fight back if you can prove you have been involved with the kids. Your pictures, social media and friends and school staff are your friends. You have to show the court you are an involved parent. Does she have any vices? Like does she take drugs? Is she living an illicit or dangerous life? Are you better to provide for the children’s Financial needs while at the same time you are an involved dad? Bring in your proof. Gather them methodically and bring them to court!  Just because you work doesn’t mean you can’t hire a babysitter.  In court, make sure you never disparage your wife or act angry or aggressive. Be the mature one in court and the judge will notice. Let the wife do all the catty stuff and act off the rails and the court will notice. Show the court how she refuses to get a job if she won’t work. How is that good for the kids? Kids need money for their care. That should not be your responsibility alone. That should mitigate against her custody demands. Also, if you are back in a stable Relationship like a marriage to a stable woman, this could help especially if your ex wife is serial dating and exposing the kids to instability.

If necessary hire a private investigator to keep a tab on her and see what she is up to. You might be surprised by what you find out!

But make no mistake about it. The biggest, toughest battle is not the kids. It is going to be about money. She will leave you penniless if you let her. Take every dime and leave you with the shirt on your back – if that. I know guys who were ordered to pay their wives up to 75% of their pensions that they worked hard for their whole working lives! And half the time the wife did nothing to contribute to this. She sat at home, and claims that because she raised the kids she should get all your money. But it’s a balancing act because you can fight for custody and spend hundreds of thousands. Or you can ask yourself whether the cost/benefit analysis works in your favor. And do you really want custody? There are certain benefits to being the non-custodial parent. The point being don’t just succumb to your wife’s dirty divorce tricks. But at the same time, protect yourself and make sure what you want before you act. Try to protect your assets in a legal way. Move them out of her reach but in a legal way. Try bitcoins. Ever heard of bitcoins??? This is a new digital way to hide your money. Investigate it.

Oh, and get a damn good divorce lawyer. It doesn’t have to be a “rain maker” type. But somebody who knows what the hell he/she is talking about and an expert in divorce law – preferably one focused on father’s rights.  Chances are, there’s no other way you will beat her without good back up.

Last point. Educate yourself. Know the industry Inside out. Know the trends, the divorce lawyers, the divorce laws in your area. It is in your best interest.

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— Bryan K Pauly for Divorce Saloon

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8 Responses to "Dirty divorce tricks and how to beat your wives at their own game (for men, husbands, dads)"

  1. Wifie   October 30, 2009 at 2:11 am

    Ugh. I hate when stats are referenced about the “alarming” number of women who file for divorce over that of men. Women file for divorce to protect themselves from the lazy bastard that left them in the first place. Countless number of women are walked out on and the husband does nothing, except drain bank accounts, sell assets and shack up with the “other” that they are now shacked up with. How many times have you heard from husbands, “I gave her everything”? Of course they did. That is how these men justify their actions for leaving in the first place. Give the kids, give her the house, give her the bank account (or whats left in it anyway) and run away as fast as you can.
    Of the many, many divorced women i know, each filed. Not because they wanted a divorce, but because the man was too busy running away to get it done himself.

  2. lynn   January 17, 2010 at 11:16 am

    yes, the son-of-a-gun was having an affair!! after 25 years of marriage, giving myself to his family’s needs and just barely getting by for myself, i caught him, 9 months of lies, cheating, and stealing from the family money (what little we had). i had had enough, i gave him chance after chance to “do the right thing”, of course he wanted his cake and eat it too, meaning he wanted to come home after living with the “other” for 1 month, said he needed rest and a decent meal, but refused to give her up, then i said no-way i would live like this, he attacked me physically and verbally, he got arrested and now let’s see what happens??

  3. Jack   January 22, 2010 at 11:28 am

    Once again women trying to set up control a forum for men to prepare themselves against the onslaught of divorce. This is a site to help the maze of the legal frame work that heavly favors females. I would say that it is our fault of not being able to comunicator to each other our own deficienes of failure.

  4. Louise   February 25, 2010 at 9:37 am

    We’re not all greedy. After he tried to kill me in front of our kid no less, I daresay I deserved the protective order that the ocurt issued. Still, it’s not my intention to take everything but the shirt off his back. Nope. I want the assets I brought into the marriage, as well as a fair share of what I earned during the marriage, and I want custody of the child that two psychologists say shouldn’t be allowed to see him for a long, long time. And with custody, comes child support, which is determined by a formula. And I think I represent most women in my situatin.

  5. Lossless   June 30, 2016 at 10:58 pm

    My wife of three and 1/2 years thinks she is due…and we have a young, female judge who is obviously biased toward her. The wife took the stand a couple of weeks ago, and 99 percent of what came out of her mouth was a lie. Her entire life is a lie. She was caught red-handed trying to kill her fiancé, who was in a coma, by sitting on his life support tubing. She stood to get $72 million out of his death. But she was caught, and unfortunately, the man’s parents chose the money instead of prosecuting her. Lucky her! Now it’s my turn. She is dirty as hell. But I have the one thing she can’t beat. Should I cease to exist, she gets a big fat $0. Take that. You’ve already ruined my life. I have nothing to live for. Your avarice is showing. Go for it. Keep it up. Make a fool of yourself. Show everyone you have so blinded your true colors. Your treachery will never win, and no one can do anything about it. I may or may not haunt you for the rest of your sick life. We’ll just have to cross that bridge. Then you have Hell to enjoy. Come on. Take your best shot. Mine trumps any way you look at it.

  6. Morfy Dauinski   September 2, 2016 at 11:02 am


    I have felt a LOT of pressure to get married but haven’t yet, and probably won’t, due to two main reasons:

    1- Women know that the courts are on their side, what would stop my wife from taking my children, my home, my retirement savings & most of my future income? Love?? For most women, love is a 2-3 year entanglement; 2-3 years can be “forever” for many women. The answer is NOTHING is stopping her.

    2- I am so happy being single–even arguing with my parents about “settling down.” Thankfully, divorce has become a Greed-Fest and a perfect excuse for keeping women at arms length in my life. Even if divorce was fair, I still wouldn’t marry. WHY?

    Of course there’s more than 2 reasons, how many good men have you seen reduced to, ground-down to a fraction of their former selves? How many men are better because they have a women in their lives? I know that most women will say its a high number, most men would say a number lower than that.

    Just like the best way to survive a plane crash is to never be in a plane to begin with; the best way to survive divorce is to never put yourself in such a position–don’t get married!

  7. Mr. KP   September 15, 2016 at 12:05 am

    Sorry, but I think there are many wonderful women and men that are very capable and willing to make a marriage successful. I’m going through a very bad divorce and have gotten custody of my 8 year old three times from two different judges one a woman. I think I’m not unique in the fact being honest and not manipulating the courts and being respectful of soon to be ex will always work in ones favor.ost of all will benefit the ones who mean the most. Our children. After finding out on Father’s day with certainty my wife was having relationships outside the marriage through an online very well known site. This posting for sex with men and women was found on her phone with her photo under her account. Hard as it is I’m trying to be friends and stay calm. She’s lied from the start to avoid taking responsibility and the courts are seeing this and are not being biased or fooled.

  8. Mel   October 11, 2016 at 10:19 pm

    I really wish you “father rights” advocates would be more careful when posting stuff like this. My soon to be ex husband is a raging narcissist. He spent the 7 years of our marriage emotionally abusing the kids and I, denying me any opportunity to get a job or further my education, cheated on me, denied me access to any of “his” money and told me to be grateful he paid my rent, and made sure the kids and I both knew the children were to be seen/heard only when he was using them to show off his amazing dad persona. This sort of article appeals perfectly to his narcissistic side. He is determined to “win” to avoid child support and maintain his image so he is enlisting every one of these dirty tricks. My children are now suffering again. I handed him everything when we separated despite his continuing to slander, belittle, and lie to me and because of posts like this he still feels he is entitled to more. It won’t be over for him unless he gets everything and destroys my life. Meanwhile our children are being emotionally drug through the dirt at every turn.


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