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Marriage is just a box of chocolates

How would your describe your marriage? What if you had to describe it using just one word? What is the first  word that comes to your mind? We are assuming you are contemplating divorce at the moment. But wait. Maybe it’s not the divorce attorney you need. What is your marriage word?

Marriage is just a box of chocolates

What is the ONE word that you would use to define your marriage? Sure you can find one word! Let me see if I can help you out…wait. Let me have a Godiva nugget as I think this through…

Was it dull?







Passion-less (oops. Two words?)

Why does it even matter? Why am I even asking you to do this? What is the point? Well, I don’t know what is the point. It’s way past my bedtime and I still can’t pull myself away from the keyboard, that’s why.

But I also think if you can sum it up in one word, you are ready to take the next step. You have come to a conclusion. You have reduced the experience to its atomic consistency, its most basic state.

Whatever that word is will literally tell you whether its time to call the divorce attorney, or the marriage counselor.

Why don’t you get a box of chocolates and sit quietly and contemplate your marriage word?

Everybody has a word that perfectly describes their marriage.

And often, that word is their reason for staying married (passion???) or for getting a divorce (boring!!!).

Originally published 12/11/08


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