The Divorce Orchid

The Divorce Orchid

Is there such a thing as a divorce orchid? Apparently so. I found this blog with a photo of what is being called a “divorce orchid.” Thought it was really fascinating and the flower is lovely. Here is what the blogger said I part about it:








“The orchid is beautiful. These splashes of colour in the deep greens were amazing. It is the Masdevallia, veitchiana, also known as the King of the Masdevallias. In Peru, the flower is known as Gallo-Gallo for rooster and its red comb. This flower is considered a national treasure of Peru and was cultivated by the Incas (said by Inca trail guides).” Read more here: (Pic is from linked blog)

So, would this be an appropriate bouquet to give to someone who is divorced? A bouquet of divorce orchids? It’s rather pretty, wouldn’t you say? And I like the way it splits off in the middle but then comes together at the end. Not sure what it means or how to analogize it, bit a rather beautiful flower I think. I can see sending a bouquet of these beauties to someone who’s just been adjudicated divorced. It would cheer them up, don’t you think?

Featured foto flick creative commons

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