NEW YORK: Cornell University study shows that divorce rates are higher for women who make more than their husbands (higher infidelity rates)

Latest divorce news: Study reveals the obvious: both men and women like it better when the man is the main breadwinner in the family

Divorce rates seem to be determined, at least partially, by who wears the pants in the family. If it is the wife, there will be trouble according to a study done by Cornell University.

It doesn’t really take a rocket scientist to figure out what the latest news reports are revealing. And that is, when a woman has a house-husband, and when she makes more money than her husband, the relationship quickly becomes imbalanced and gender roles get all screwed up. But Cornell University researchers recently came out with a study that legitimizes the obvious: if a woman makes more than her husband, if a woman is the main bread winner in the family, if a woman has a house husband, her marriage is in greater jeopardy of ending in divorce than if the inverse was true.

The study clearly showed that divorce rates are higher for men who make less than their wives.  First of all, men whose wives make more money than they do were more likely to cheat on their wives. As the Daily Mail put it, it’s probably because they can’t resist all the “yummy mommies on the playground.” But these men also exhibit a sense of powerlessness and “gender identity threat” when their wives out-earn them. And so they cheat to reaffirm that they wear the pants in the family, according to the study.

Also, when a woman’s income far outpaces her husband’s she is also more likely to cheat on him, and to be dissatisfied with him as a husband, according to the research done in the study.

All of this increased the odds of divorce for that couple and so the rate of divorce is actually higher for couples in this control group.

The opposite is not true, however. When a man out-earns a wife, the marriage is less likely to end in divorce and she is less likely to cheat on him. It can also be inferred from the Cornell study that if the parties make roughly the same income, the problems of infidelity, dissatisfaction and cheating still exists. Something in the male DNA (and probably the female too), needs for the man to make more money and to be the main breadwinner for the man to feel powerful, in control, and, frankly, to feel more like a man. When a man feels like a man in his relationship, he is less likely to cheat; and he has wife who is happier and also less likely to cheat. And feeling like a man seems directly related to how much money he brings home. We can mess with nature all we want. Some fundamental things are never going to change.

But that’s hardly a news-flash. I figured that out when I was about ten years old. Don’t know why it took a study at Cornell for the press to be all over the obvious.

Originally published yesterday, September 9, 2010 

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A recent study from Cornell University indicated that divorce rates are higher when women make more money than men.

The study showed that men who make less than their wives exhibit a sense of powerlessness and “gender identity threat”, and are more likely to cheat on their wives in an attempt to prove their manliness. As the Daily Mail put it, it’s probably because they can’t resist all the “yummy mommies on the playground.”

Also, when a woman’s income far outpaces her husband’s she is also more likely to cheat on him, and to be dissatisfied with him as a husband.

Naturally, all of these things increased the odds of divorce for that couple.

The study also indicates that if the parties make roughly the same income, the problems of infidelity, dissatisfaction and cheating still exists; but when a man out-earns a wife, the marriage is less likely to end in divorce and she is less likely to cheat on him. emphasis added.

Someone please tell this thief that the study didn’t say any of what is highlighted in red. That was an original conclusion drawn by the author of that post here at Divorce Saloon. It is a verbatim conclusion drawn by the author of the post at Divorce Saloon after reading about the Cornell study in a number of publications (which the bandits clearly didn’t bother to do); and the post on this thievery website is clearly copyrighted material from Divorce Saloon. And so, if she or he wants to use this material, it is only appropriate that he or she attributes back to Divorce Saloon, and/or stop ripping off our stuff!!! That is our hard work. This is our intellectual property that these people continue to rip off on a regular basis and try to pass it off as their own.  


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  1. Sorry for ‘infringing’ on your article. I didn’t see a problem with using a couple of lines that I thought were good, but the great Divorce Saloon apparently thinks it has exclusive rights to all things divorce.

    The bandits didn’t do any research? I came straight here and took your word for it? I guess you could be right because, of course, there aren’t any other websites out there that have this info.

    Yep, you definitely have the market cornered.

    As interesting as the writing is, the reaction to using a couple of sentences (which doesn’t legally require attribution) is a little too holier-than-thou for me so anything that could be mistakenly considered theft from your article has been removed.

    1. You took the entire post on your website from THIS BLOG (and you know it) and you failed to attribute where you took the work from. That is plagiarism. Your characterization that we are “holier than thou” for asking for the courtesy of you acknowledging where you took the lines you took, is even more outrageous than what you did. Understand this, if you can: writing on this blog and any other blog (ask any other blogger they will tell you) and coming up with original content and analysis and perspectives is hard work and takes many hours every single day. It is not okay for plagiarists to “take a few lines” of someone else’s toil and pass it off as their own. It is not right to do that to someone. Especially people (especially on the Internet) who are working and toiling on their blogs who are trying to be original and who are trying to offer something new to the conversation.

      On Divorce Saloon, like other serious bloggers, we read many articles and conduct research before we write the posts we write and we attribute any lines we take verbatim from other sources back to the original source. That is the right, moral and correct thing to do. It is not okay not to attribute it to us or to anyone from whom you “take a few lines” (and in this case it is more than just a few lines, it’s the whole concept, everything!) and craftily place in your writings as if it is your original content. This is someone’s intellectual property and it takes a lot of work to come up with these so called “lines”. Had you simply said something to the effect of “as Divorce Saloon noted” or something like that, as a courtesy, we would have had NO PROBLEM whatsoever with the use. But you didn’t do that. You wrote it (and several other lines) into your article as if it was your ORIGINAL CONTENT. That’s wrong. It’s unfair. It is insensitive and it is exploitative. Then to add insult to injury by characterizing our displeasure as being “holier than thou” just goes to show that you have no remorse and with this attitude, you will get into trouble eventually with someone who will sue you for copyright infringement.

      Maybe if you took the time to write original content and do so consistently and at the level we do on this divorce blog, you would know why we take offense at people lifting our work without attributing back to us because you, too, would want acknowledgement for what you produced given the toil it takes to produce it.

      Again, what we do on this divorce blog is the result of hours and hours of work. We are not holier than thou for asking folks to acknowledge us when they use our “lines”. It is called self-respect. We respect what we do and we want respect from those who choose to quote us.

      If you think the content is beneath your dignity and that you shouldn’t have to give us the respect and courtesy of attribution or a back link, and if you think we are “holier than thou” for speaking up for ourselves, then simply DON’T USE OUR WORK.

      Thank You and have yourself a great day.
      Divorce Saloon Staff, Las Vegas

  2. Unfortunately it’s human nature to always look for shortcuts — that’s why you’ll get the occasional thief who rips off your post material. It sucks, but what can you do?

    Anyways… I totally agree with your post… and TOTALLY love the lady in the swimsuit on the left-side of that picture 🙂


    1. Dan, you made me smile. Thank you. I lose my temper and humor when people rip off our work. I just explode. But then someone writes and says something cheeky and it makes me feel like myself again. thank you.

  3. I’m with you and Dan on this one, Jeannie. It sucks big time. I can see why you’re angry. And a provocative moniker like “Rogue Paralegal” doesn’t make it any better…

    1. Terri, Thank you for your support. It means a lot. Both you and Dan have really taken the total, blind anger away and now I just feel sorry for people like this. They lack a soul. That is how they are able to do things like this and not give a damn how it affects other people. Plus, you are writer. You know how hard writing is. People who don’t write have no idea what it takes. What I do on this blog is harder than almost anything I’ve ever done. It sucks up a lot of my life, I have to tell you. But I love writing. And I love the concept of this blog. That is why I keep toiling away. Because I hope that it will one day make a difference to people around the world who are going through divorce. But if I were to allow thieves to stop me from doing this, that would be kinda sad, I think. There are so many thieves, Terri. It’s unbelieveable. And its not like they would leave a comment and join the conversation so you know they are there. I would think I have only 5 readers on my blog. But then I go around the Internet and so many people take the work we produce and put it on their own sites without any attribution and then you wonder, wait a minute, you visited my site? You didn’t even stop to say great site? All you did was steal my work? How dare you? And it makes me so angry. But I can’t let them stop me from doing this. I just have to shame them when I can. And eventually, I may even have to sue one of them. Because it just gets ridiculous. It really does. One time, an attorney in California (Beverly Fucking Hills!) took a whole article and put it on his site and didn’t acknowledge where he got it. I called him on the phone! I threatened a lawsuit. This other guy who writes a site about billionaires took a whole post on the 10 most eligible billionaires that took fucking 2 hours to write! ( He lifted the whole thing! I left a comment on his site that I wanted the post taken down. Now, other people back link to the post (but not to the original post on Divorce Saloon, btw) and it’s a dead link. So he took it down. The Beverly Hills lawyer blamed his assistant, btw. And he took it down. It’s crazy Terri. Really, really crazy.

  4. I understand completely. I’ve always struggled to get every word right, whether it’s been in legal papers, correspondence, e-mails, my novel manuscript, or on a blog (mine, yours, and others). Although I haven’t gotten ripped-off yet (guess I’m too much of a newbie/unknown), that WOULD totally piss me off,too. But please don’t let it get you too crazy. After all the shit we’ve had to deal with as matrimonial lawyers, from judges, law secretaries, adversaries, clients, etc.? C’mon, girlfriend, remember — if people weren’t assholes, nobody would need lawyers! :<)

    N.B. to Rogue Para, Beverly Hills Law, etc.: I made that one up, so please don't rip it off! :<)

    1. LOL. Terri, you probably ARE already getting ripped off. You just don’t troll the Internet enough. Believe me, the first time you see your stuff without your name attached, you will hit the ceiling. There IS a definite type of post they rip off. It is not all my posts that are rippoffable. They like general interest informational stuff. Lawyers, for example, will take stuff that would “inform” their clients about something – and its easier (for some) if somebody else writes it. They just blame their assistants when they are caught. Other types of posts (and obviously, I have a kitchen sink over here) they are not that interested in because there is no value to their clients who go to their websites looking for “information.” Non-lawyers, well, you never know what they are after. That guy who runs the billionaire website, he caters solely to billionaires. So he thought it was appropriate to simply take my ENTIRE POST and not ask permission and not link back. I swear I morphed into Naomi Campbell when I saw that. I just saw red. I can understand if he took 25% or 50% with a back link. But the whole damn thing?! The whole thing?! With no attribution? That was totally phocked up, Terri. But you’re right. I can’t make this make me crazy. It’s just words. Imitation is supposedly a form of flattery. It doesn’t feel flattering, though. Just like I”m getting used and exploited. But I can’t let it make me crazy. It’s only 12 hours of toil. How much would I make if I charged what other high powered lawyers charge per hour in 12 hours? Like if I charge $650 per hour like those superlawyers, and I spend 12 hours per day on this blog, then, per day, I’ve only earned what? That’s a little bit under $8,000 for the day. Chump change, eh? I shouldn’t go crazy about losing $8,000 per day. I should, instead, go ballistic. 🙂

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